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Does anyone remember about a month back when I stated that it’s the PPV shows I expect the least out of that end up entertaining me the most?  Well, unfortunately, that isn’t true every time.  I forget that nothing is certain to occur 100% of the time, and Over the Limit is proof of this.  Extreme Rules was a blast.  Over the Limit was underwhelming at best.  I did some calculations while watching the show last night and today.  These are rough estimates, so don’t fault me for not being exact in my calculations.  I discovered that during an approximately 2 hour 45 minute show, there was around 72 minutes of actual in-ring action.  That’s less than half of the time spent in actual matches.  It wouldn’t be so bad except there were eight matches on the card, and an average of 9 minutes per match is pathetic.  What WWE Creative needs to get through their thick skulls is that matches need time to develop.  If you’re trying to cram an entire match into five minutes, unless one of the competitors is William Regal, there is almost no way that the match is going to have enough time to develop a story, and it will end up very unimpressive in many peoples’ eyes.  That’s essentially what happened at Over the Limit.  Let’s take a look at the results and see how badly I did in picks.

Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion

$5 says this decision gets reversed AGAIN on Smackdown.  We get typical McIntyre fare.  The guy just has no grasp of basic psychology.  And the match just kind of ended abruptly at the 6 1/2 minute mark.  Now, I’m all for Kofi to have a title around his waist, but I’d much prefer it be in an interesting match.  Of course, with Drew McIntyre involved, a fun match is impossible to attain.  On another note, I’ve been advocating for a while (though apparently not here, just out loud while watching Raw and Smackdown) that Kofi should use the S.O.S. as his finisher instead of Trouble in Paradise.  TiP is an incredibly weak-looking finisher, while the S.O.S. at least looks awesome.  Kind of like a side-to-side Canadian Destroyer of sorts.  I like that move a lot, and I was glad to see Kofi finally win a match using it instead of Trouble in Paradise.  I hope he continues to win matches with the S.O.S.  Here’s hoping that happens.  Here’s also hoping that Drew gets sent back to FCW again to learn some basic ring psychology.

There is some scuttlebutt that McIntyre has been labeled “high-maintenance” by WWE Management and has fallen out of favor with the brass.  Of course, this is just scuttlebutt, and there’s likely no way to confirm or deny this.  Still, it doesn’t surprise me if it is true.

R-Truth defeated Ted Dibiase w/Virgil

I still laugh every time they show the clip of Truth saying, “You want yourself a Virgil!” to Dibiase.  Seeing as how Dibiase got the original Virgil, there’s no need to find a replacement.  This match began the string of problems for various wrestlers possibly suffering injuries.  After about a couple of minutes, Dibiase was noticeably shaken and did not seem to know where he was.  It felt like the whole match was improvised and taken very safely in case Dibiase was injured.  In a way, this was sort of a theme for the evening.  There were a lot of problems throughout the night with people getting hurt.  There was a trainer involved in, I believe, four matches, doing something, either checking on a cut or helping someone to the back.  Anyway, another unimpressive match that just sort of ended, though this was more because Dibiase was not looking well.  Truth wins and I’m 0 for 2 in picks so far.

Ah, there is new information regarding Dibiase.  Apparently he suffered a concussion from a hard slap that Truth gave him very early on, and that’s why he seemed out of it the whole match.  Kind of like what happened to Goldust in his match with William Regal on Superstars this past Thursday night.

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk; Punk gets his head shaved

Punk got busted open somehow during the early part of this match, somewhere above his hairline, and even though a trainer was out there for what felt like forever (it was about 2-3 minutes in reality), the cut never stopped bleeding, even after the match was over and the head-shaving theatrics had finished.  That’s about 17 minutes that a cut kept bleeding.  I think Punk should get that checked out.  Probably one of the funnier moments of this PPV was Rey getting tossed into the barber’s chair outside.  My thoughts when this happened were: “Oh my god, he just got tossed head-first into a…plush chair…that just broke his fall to the floor…why is he acting like he’s injured now?”  It was ridiculous.  Of course, it facilitated the trainer going in to do nothing about Punk’s cut (side note: I HATE when Matt Striker says someone is “wearing the wounds of war.”  Just say he’s busted open.  Yes, you’re TV-PG now, but “busted open” has more of an effect).  After that, it was a pretty good match.  Not as good as their match at Extreme Rules, but good nonetheless.  And Punk did something I would not have expected him to be able to do after the match: he got me to feel sorry for him while his head was being shaved.  Hey, I sure wouldn’t want my head forcibly shaved in front of 15,000 people and a few hundred thousand watching on TV.  I wonder what this holds for the straight-edge cult leader…

There are five little things that I must mention that are, in some way, related to this match.  First, I’ve been wondering why referee Charles Robinson has been counting right-handed over the past few weeks.  He’s been a lefty for how many years now?  But during this match, he counted using both hands at some point.  It was strange.  Second, I wanted to point out how much Jake Gyllenhaal, in the Prince of Persia movie, looks EXACTLY like CM Punk.  Or, rather, like Punk did before he got his head shaved.  It’s rather uncanny.  Third, does anyone else think that the Straight Edge Society’s little arm gesture looks an awful lot like the Nazi salute?  I wonder if WWE management has gotten letters from Jewish people about this.  Fourth, I think the bump of the night was Mysterio hitting an epic Canadian Destroyer on Punk.  Screw the end of the show, the Canadian Destroyer LOOKED awesome.  And finally, what in the blue hell was Kane doing helping Mysterio out?  Am I just forgetting something that happened on Smackdown where the S.E.S. did something to Kane?  Or was this a completely random occurrence that was necessary to get Punk’s head shaved?  Either way, it was completely random to me.

Update: CM Punk required 13 staples in his head to close the cut he suffered.  Yikes.  I had staples put in my ankle after I broke it many years ago, and they were unpleasant to have removed.

Okay, enough about this match.  Let’s move on.

The Hart Dynasty defeated Chris Jericho and The Miz to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships

Again, a decent but not great match.  I think the ending might have been a touch off, but other than that, I really don’t have much to say about it.  I do, however, think that the Dynasty should be able to abide by the Freebird rule and let Nattie Neidhart compete with Smith and Kidd.  She’s the toughest woman on WWE programming, and with Beth Phoenix gone with a torn ACL, she’s also currently the strongest.  As far as I’m concerned, she’s equal with the guys.  So let’s see her in some tag team matches!

Edge vs. Randy Orton ended in a double count-out

I think we all know that this is not how the match was supposed to end.  Orton seemingly injured himself while pounding his fists on the canvas waiting for Edge to stand up.  Though, there is also video out there where it seems like Orton hurt his arm the night before at a house show.  Whether he had to work with an injury or if his exuberance caused further damage is unknown, but it definitely put a halt to this match.  Though I doubt it would have gone on much longer anyway even if he hadn’t injured himself.  Apparently Mr. Kennedy…I mean Mr. Anderson wrote something on his Twitter page to the effect of “Karma is a bitch, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”  Bitter much?  That was incredibly crass and crude on Anderson’s part.  He needs to let the past go and focus on his career in a dying company.

There’s an update on Orton: his injury is being described as a dislocated shoulder, which would explain why his arm looked to be in an awkward dangling position for the last couple of minutes of their match.  I had thought he might have broken his hand or his forearm, but the shoulder makes a little more sense.

The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger by Disqualification; Jack Swagger retains the World Heavyweight Championship

I am not at all surprised at the outcome of this match.  I am, however, surprised that this match barely lasted five minutes.  Were it not for the women’s match that followed, this would have been the shortest match on the card.  And it’s too bad, too, because I was starting to get into the match when it just kind of stopped.  Swagger dove outside and grabbed the title and cracked Show in the head with it to stop the match way before it should have ended.  Look, I realize that when you’re facing a guy like Show, oftentimes you’re going to cut your losses and just lose by DQ.  But Swagger had hardly exhausted his options.  Five minutes is hardly enough time to try everything.  I would have expected the match to go at least twice as long before Swagger went and got himself disqualified.  But Show got his revenge, sort of, by beating the shit out of Swagger after the match was called off.  I expect that this will continue on, and that the only way Swagger is going to keep the World Heavyweight Championship is through a match with a stipulation.  Or, likely, during a Fatal Four Way match, as per the next PPV.

Eve Torres defeated Maryse to retain the Diva’s Championship

Meh.  At least Eve’s finisher was pretty sexy.

John Cena defeated Batista in an “I Quit” Match to retain the WWE Championship

What a surprise.  Cena didn’t quit.  But I’m okay with it.  Because Batista did quit.  And he’s leaving the company.  Which makes me happy.  It was a decent “I Quit” match, but it felt like they were playing it safe overall.  Nothing was really crazy or out-of-the-ordinary.  Batista apparently injured both his back and his tailbone during the final two spots of the night.  I guess he hurt his back when he got FU’ed on the car, and messed up his tailbone landing on the breakaway floor.  Might as well cap of the night with yet another person getting injured.  Anyway, at least we can finally say goodbye to Dave Batista, and say hello to someone who actually deserves the spotlight.  That’s the hope, anyway.

So, overall, this was a lackluster show with a disproportionately large number of injuries and no real surprises besides Kofi winning the Intercontinental Championship again.  I went…let’s see…5-2-1 in picks (if you count the Edge/Orton draw as a tie, which I am).  Not bad, but then again, the show wasn’t great.  With that being said, I’m off for now.  I’ll be back later on, either this week or next, with more rants, raves, and insanity for all.  So, until then, stay awesome everyone.


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