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Two posts in under a week?  WHAAA?  Yes, I know, I’m being silly.  I promised I’d get at least one post per week, and lucky for you, there’s a Pay-Per-View show tomorrow.  But before I get down to picking this new PPV, there are some other topics that must be discussed.

Firstly, let’s go back to NXT this past Tuesday night.  It was mostly uneventful with another bullshit Pro’s Poll.  Darren Young was eliminated, to absolutely nobody’s surprise.  But the main highlight of the night was Bryan Danielson’s (likely) final NXT promo.  If you didn’t see it, here is the video.  If you thought his promo two weeks ago was good, prepare to be amazed.  I know that it’s likely not the case, but I’d still like to think that this segment was a worked shoot.  Danielson says what most of the IWC has been saying for years about the practices of Vince McMahon to “create” wrestlers out of bodybuilders and not care about their in-ring talent.  He discusses how he is a self-made man, and that he (and many of the pros) know that he is as good as he says he is.  I especially love the part around 2:20 or so when The Miz says, “You’re better than me?” and William Regal is nodding his head and laughing a little alongside CM Punk.  They know the truth.  But if you want to get to the best part, skip to 3:10, where he turns his attention to the greatest play-by-play man to ever graduate from the Michael Cole School for Shitty Play-By-Play Announcers (and the founder as well), one Michael Cole.  Danielson calls Cole a cheap replacement for JR (something I’m betting every person watching any WWE show is in total agreement with) and ends up slapping him and kicking Cole in the face.  While not as epic as Stone Cold’s total destruction of Cole a decade ago, this was wholly satisfying for everyone watching NXT, I’m sure.  I dare anyone else on that show to make as big of an impact as Danielson has the past two weeks.  I realize now that Creative was basically keeping him locked down for the first three months of the show so that when he got booted off, he could show his true colors.  And I’m sure that in the coming weeks, Danielson will begin a feud with The Miz, potentially over the United States Championship that I’m sure Bret Hart (oh, yeah, he won it on Raw if you didn’t know) won’t be keeping much longer.  I’d love to see Danielson on Raw as the US Champion.  He has the potential to light a fire under the collective ass of the WWE roster, and when it happens, they’d better prepare for a revolution.

I’d also very briefly like to discuss the release of Carlito.  He was future endeavored because he failed a Wellness Policy test and refused to go to rehab.  When that’s the case, it’s probably marijuana that he was busted for.  And speaking of busted, Scott Hall was arrested for disorderly intoxication last week.  Good job, TNA.  Anyway, Carlito’s release is actually a bigger deal than you might think it is.  For one, it takes away an established tag team from the tag division, which needs as much talent as it can get since The Hart Dynasty won the tag belts.  Second, it destroys any chance Primo has of any semblance of success in WWE.  And third, it shows us that it doesn’t really matter whether or not WWE has a Wellness Policy in place, because guys are still going to be smoking joints when they want to, and trying to convince a pothead to enter rehab is like trying to keep Scott Hall away from a bar (okay, that was harsh, but he can’t seem to control himself!).  I would thank Carlito for his years of work in WWE, but he never really amounted to anything.

Last thing, and this will probably turn into a full-fledged post sometime soon: there are rumblings that TNA wants to cut its wrestling staff by 20.  Yikes.  Why not just cut Hogan and Bischoff and call it a day?  They’re probably paid as much as 20 of the other wrestlers, and they’re driving TNA into the ground, so why not cut the fat off?  Anyway, I’ll probably write more about which 20 wrestlers I think TNA should get rid of.  So look for that soon.

Okay, now that we’re 750 words further along, let’s do picks for Over the Limit.

Over the Limit was promoted as a brand new Pay-Per-View concept.  Yet there’s no concept to it at all.  It’s just a newly named Pay-Per-View.  Great job, Creative.  Anyway, the card is…decent, but nothing eye-poppingly awesome.  Let’s take a look at the matches, shall we?

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase – I marked the hell out on Raw when Dibiase came to the ring with Virgil.  I wondered where they found him…Anyway, this has been a halfway decent feud of sorts.  Truth was offered the Virgil/Tony Atlas job of carrying someone else’s bags, but Truth would have none of it.  So here we are.  Should be a decent match.  Dibiase’s still progressing slowly, but Truth should be able to make him look good.  If Virgil will indeed by ringside for this match, he’s definitely a wild card.  Will he support Dibiase, or will he give us a swerve?  Truth be told (no pun intended), I don’t know.  Either way, it should be a decent match.  As to the matter of a winner, Dibiase seems to be getting pushed whether we want him to be or not.  So with that in mind, I’m thinking Ted Dibiase picks up the victory.

Diva’s Championship – Eve Torres (c) vs. Maryse – Simply put, Maryse does not deserve anything she’s been given in her WWE career.  She’s just another one of those overly spray-tanned, orange-skinned, bleach-blonde bimbos that Vince McMahon seems to think is the ideal woman.  Blech.  Eve, on the other hand, at least appears to be a real person.  And she’s not half bad in the ring.  At least Eve has made significant progress with her in-ring skills since winning the Diva Search a couple of years ago.  And she was rewarded with a title run, even if it is a meaningless title.  Anyway, I’m betting that this will be standard WWE women’s wrestling fare, nothing out of the ordinary.  But I doubt that Creative is going to yank the carpet out from under Eve so soon into her title reign.  Maryse has already had two very long title runs, and it’s time for someone with actual talent to take the top spot in the women’s division, seeing as how Smackdown’s women’s division is nonexistent.  Eve Torres retains her title.

Unified Tag Team Championship – The Hart Dynasty (c’s) vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz – The two most recent former partners of the current #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship have found common ground, and are looking to dethrone the still-early-in-their-title-reign champions.  Don’t worry if you didn’t quite follow along with that last sentence, I barely did myself.  Anyway, Jericho and Miz have enough common interests (themselves, their hair, their giant egos) that they went and formed a tag team.  It isn’t a bad team, either.  I’m actually interested to see how they interact.  On paper, Jericho and Miz seem like a perfect fit.  They’re both arrogant assholes who are hated by the entire world.  Whether that transitions into a tag team title run is another story entirely.  I think that with the sudden influx of tag teams over the past month or so, it seems like WWE is trying to set up a very strong tag team division in order to provide plenty of challengers for the Hart Dynasty over the coming months.  And I, for one (but I’m sure there are more than just myself who believe this), am happy about this change.  WWE’s tag team division has always been sorely lacking.  They can’t compare to companies like ROH, who have had some of their greatest matches be tag matches.  Hopefully, with these new and young teams forming and climbing the ladder, we’ll have an entertaining and unpredictable tag team division for many months.  With all that being said, I think that the Hart Dynasty is the tag team of the future, and nobody is going to derail this train for a long time.  The Hart Dynasty retains their Unified Tag Team Championships in what should be a very good match.

Randy Orton vs. Edge – For having had only three weeks of build, this is still looking to be a pretty good feud in the making.  Orton and Edge have history, and that always helps in building any program.  I am thoroughly glad that Edge turned heel again after a very brief stint as a face that, let’s be honest, wasn’t all that great.  Edge is a natural heel, and no matter what he tries, he’ll never be as good a face as he is a heel.  Orton, on the other hand, is a strange breed of face, one we rarely, if ever, see: the dangerous face.  He basically acts almost like he did when he was a heel, but people cheer for him for some reason, and he now fights heels instead of faces.  I’d consider him a tweener, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case nowadays.  The fans are thoroughly behind Orton, and when he faces an uber-heel like Edge, the crowd will be supporting Orton 100%.  As to the match itself, I feel like Edge is nearing the end of his career.  His latest injury was probably more damaging to his career than initially thought.  He’s a bit slower than he was pre-injury, and he seems more cautious than he was a year or two ago.  He is closer to his forties than his thirties, and this is the time when we see a lot of guys either retire or stay in the business until they’re dried-out husks of their former selves *COUGH*ricflair*COUGH*.  Does he have another title run in him?  Possibly.  But it looks like he may be retiring in the next few years.  When injuries pile up like they have with him, it’s difficult to convince yourself that he’ll be around forever.  I’m betting this will be a good match, but not a great match.  Who wins?  It’s actually a difficult decision for me.  Actually, it really doesn’t matter that much, since this feud is only just starting.  So let’s just say Randy Orton wins this round.

S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match – Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – One feud begins, another ends.  This has to be the end of this feud, which has seen its highs (their match at Extreme Rules) and its lows (bringing Rey’s actual family into the feud).  And it all comes down to this.  If Mysterio loses, he is forced to join the Straight Edge Society.  If Punk loses, he loses the one symbol that makes him different from every other member of his cult: his hair.  I don’t think this is a difficult pick for me.  Forcing Mysterio into a situation that will likely make him act as a heel will only diminish sales of his merchandise, and since that’s mostly what Vince cares about (the MON-EY), I doubt they’ll go with that.  Punk is losing his hair.  Whether it’s just the hair on his scalp or they include his beard and chest hair, Punk will be bald come Sunday night.  This should be the match of the night for sure.  Rey Mysterio wins, and Punk gets a haircut.

Intercontinental Championship – Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kofi Kingston – I mentioned this in my last post: adding Christian to this match makes it infinitely more entertaining.  Seeing as how Drew McIntyre is the most boring person on the planet, having someone capable of keeping the crowd entertained (such as Christian) would help this match from a dud to an epic encounter.  It also takes a wholly predictable match and tosses a wrench into every picker’s plans.  As such, however, we know that McIntyre has the ear of one HHH, and, by proxy, has the ear of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  Don’t expect McIntyre to lose the title anytime soon.  Drew McIntyre retains and continues the least entertaining Intercontinental Championship reign in history.

World Heavyweight Championship – Jack Swagger (c) vs. The Big Show – Man, it’s definitely a nice change of pact to have a face Show.  He’s got this air of cheer when he’s cutting a promo that we haven’t seen in a long time, and as a result, it’s making his segments more entertaining.  Watching him destroy Swagger’s “life’s work” last week was the best segment of the night, and seeing him parody Swagger’s little accomplishment bumpers was just as fun.  But make no mistake: when Show gets angry, you’d best run the other way.  I actually think this feud has some legs, and if they work things right, it could go for a while.  As for this match, I’m not expecting much, but what I AM expecting to happen is a DQ or count-out victory.  Either Swagger disqualifies himself or gets himself intentionally counted out.  Either way, The Big Show wins, but Swagger keeps the title.

“I Quit” Match for the WWE Championship – John Cena (c) vs. Batista – I’ll say it now: “Na na naa naa, na na naa naa, hey hey hey, goodbye!”  I am looking forward to Batista leaving more than just about everything in the WWE today (the only other thing being Bryan Danielson’s eventual debut on Raw and subsequent feud with The Miz).  I don’t believe there has been a man who deserves so little yet receives so much in quite some time (in the wrestling world, that is).  Let’s face it: Dave Batista gave Vince McMahon a hard-on with his physique, and Vince needed his ego stroked, so he pushed Batista to the top and never let him down despite a complete lack of in-ring skill or providing entertainment to the fans.  Batista was expecting to get this kind of push, I’m sure, and I don’t think he gives two shits about anything besides himself (in real life, not just on TV).  So I’m glad he’s leaving.  Cena’s ninth world title reign has been decent, but I’m hoping that once Batista is out of the picture, we’ll get more deserving challengers.  Plain and simple, John Cena has never quit a match, and there is no way in hell he’s going to quit this time.  John Cena retains the WWE Championship, and we send Dave Batista packing.

Well, that’s about all I can stand to write for now.  I’ll be back in a few days with Over the Limit results, and coming soon, my dissolution of the TNA roster and a more in-depth look at WWE’s influx of tag teams.  So until then, stay awesome.


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