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Is that enough topics for one column?  I’m sure it’s plenty.

First off, I didn’t yet watch Bound for Glory.  But I did acquire it, so at some point I’ll get around to actually watching it.  I’ll give results off of Wrestleview, since I read them before I even acquired the show.

X Division Title Ultimate X Match – Amazing Red defeats Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Suicide, Homicide, and Daniels to retain the X Division Championship

Apparently there was a family emergency regarding Elijah Burke, so he wasn’t able to compete.  But they got one hell of a team to take his place.  I’ve seen a few Motor City Machineguns matches, and they’re one of the most fluid tag teams I’ve ever seen.  They’ve got an incredible number of double team moves, and they’re ridiculously athletic.  Why they’re constantly buried is beyond me.  Anyway, I also heard that Daniels took a pretty serious bump, but he’s okay, so that’s definitely a good thing for TNA.  I would imagine this was a spotfest, like most X Division matches are, and it’ll probably be fun to watch.  But Red manages to retain over some very impressive competition.  Props to him.

Taylor Wilde and Sarita defeat The Beautiful People to retain the Knockouts Tag Team Championship

All I can say on this is that I’m 2 for 2 in picks so far.

Eric Young defeats Kevin Nash and Hernandez to become the NEW Legends Champion

While I can’t quite say that EY has achieved “Legend” status quite yet, he’s actually won some gold, and I say great.  He deserves it after that whole ridiculous Super Eric gimmick.  And they took the title off Nash, which is a huge plus in my book.  Unfortunately, I lost out on that pick, so I’m 2 for 3.

The British Invasion wins the TNA Tag Team Championship and Team 3D wins the IWGP Tag Team Championships in Full Metal Mayhem

While I didn’t necessarily get either of these picks exactly correct, I did predict that the Brits would win something, so I’m kind of taking that as a win.  On the other hand, 3D gets the IWGP titles back.  Seeing as how I’m sure Japan would like their titles back, it would only make sense for the guys who won it initially to give it back.  So 3D wins them back.  Again, probably a good spot-fest, but I’ll be the judge of that when and if I get around to watching the show.

ODB defeats Awesome Kong and Tara to retain the Knockouts Championship

Don’t really have anything to say besides I missed another pick.  That’s three straight matches I’m wrong.

Bobby Lashley defeats Samoa Joe

Now this I probably should have expected.  TNA is probably hedging their bets on a guy who’s not only mostly unproven, but wants to double dip in MMA as well, which could get him seriously hurt if he’s not careful.  Or he faces someone who actually provides a challenge.  Anyway, Joe falls further down the ranks as usual, and suddenly I’m 2 for 6 in picks.

Abyss defeats Mick Foley

Will this be the return of The Monster?  I don’t really know.  But I’ll be interested to read the spoilers to find out.  Also, apparently Daffney suffered a broken arm during the barbed wire plank spot near the end of the match.  It’s too bad.  She was my favorite Knockout.

Kurt Angle defeats Matt Morgan

I’m betting TNA reads my blog, then decides to go the opposite way of my picks.  Either that, or they’re making stupid decisions.  Whatever.  2 for 8.

AJ Styles defeats Sting to retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship

No real surprise here.  Sting’s ready to retire.

Overall, I went 3 for 9 in picks.  Just goes to show you how well I know how TNA booking goes.  Maybe I was thinking too positively and I should pick the way TNA writers pick.  That is, IF I do TNA picks again.  It seems like an awful lot of work for absolutely no payoff.

Anyway, on to more important things.  First off, Nigel McGuinness has signed with TNA.  The story goes that WWE was slow in getting a contract to him, so he signs with TNA.  While I know it’s foolish to believe any story that comes out of the wrestling world, if this has any shred of truth, Nigel is screwing himself.  TNA has no interest in pushing him or anyone else who isn’t an old fart.  The best he can hope for is a lower mid-card feud or possibly joining the British Invasion.  He’ll be making far less money, and though he won’t have to work as many days per year, he also won’t get nearly as much exposure as he would had he waited for a WWE contract to surface.  This is also a big loss for WWE as I would have bet on an awesome program between Nigel and William Regal.  And with this development, one has to wonder about Bryan Danielson.  Is he going to stick it out and actually sign with WWE, or is he going to follow suit and sign with TNA and receive a ridiculous new name (Nigel’s new name is Desmond Wolf…really?).  I hope Danielson actually signs with WWE.  Then HE can have the feud with Regal.  And the IWC can cream its pants.

Next, it appears that Booker T won’t be resigned with TNA when his contract expires in November.  People are saying it has a lot to do with his unwillingness to job to younger talent.  And he’s also saying that he wants to go back to WWE, and that they’re considering signing him.  I have one word for WWE: NO! If you have any decency, just let the guy retire.  There’s no need to resign a guy in his mid-40s who’s unwilling to job to younger talent.  Booker is solely in the business for the money now, and giving him boatloads of it just so he can help himself just teaches him that because he’s a veteran, he can get whatever he wants.  Booker doesn’t need more money or title reigns.  His legacy is already cemented.  He just needs to retire already.

Next, I finally found out that the reason JR wasn’t at the last Smackdown tapings was because he had a Bell’s palsy attack.  He’s also going to be missing this week’s Smackdown show.  I really hope that he’ll be okay following this latest attack.  He really is the greatest announcer of all time, and losing him would be a huge loss for Smackdown.  I also must discuss last week’s announce team of Michael Cole and Todd Grisham.  You do not have two play-by-play guys announce a show.  It gets VERY old, VERY quickly.  Plus, I feel like Grisham is like Cole Jr.  They have many of the same mannerisms and they often have huge gaps of silence.  Josh Matthews is also guilty of this, but he has Matt Striker to cover him up.  What I don’t get is why isn’t Striker filling in for JR?  Striker is, BY FAR, the best color commentator employed by WWE right now (if you exclude JR’s conversion from play-by-play to a pseudo-color commentator), and he’s worked with Grisham before on ECW.  They were a great pair back then, and Striker would bring a much more informed broadcasting ability than either Cole or Lawler.  If I were Matt Striker, I would probably be a little incensed that Cole and Lawler are going to Smackdown to fill in for JR.  You know what should happen if JR has to retire?  Bring back JBL.  Having him berate Grisham on a weekly basis would make my Fridays just a little bit brighter.  I wish JR all the best and I hope he recovers swiftly.

Now, for the matter of John Cena.  With the way that they’ve been treating the buildup to his match with Randy Orton this Sunday, it almost feels like the match is a formality.  With the announcers hammering into our skulls that “THIS COULD BE CENA’S LAST MATCH EVER ON RAW!” every 15 seconds during Raw last night, followed by a loss to HHH (gee, what a surprise…), and his subsequent actions in the ring, I’m finding it really difficult to believe Cena has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Iron Man match on Sunday.  If he’d beaten HHH, it would be much more difficult to figure out what’s going to happen.  But with the loss, it’s as though they don’t neven need a match.  Cena’s leaving Raw, and that’s it.  He’ll go to Smackdown for sure.  But a small part of me really wants to see him on ECW.  I don’t know why.  Anyway, it feels like their match at Bragging Rights just turned into the most predictable match of the century, and now I’m not looking forward to it as much.

Speaking of Raw, Snoop Dogg was a decent guest host.  But you could have put anybody else in his place and had the exact same show.  Ted Dibiase proved that, yes, you can have more turns in a month than Eric Young.  Randy Orton continues to be the weakest WWE Champion of all time.  Swagger continues to receive a push he doesn’t deserve.  Marty Jannetty makes a completely random appearance and gets his skull crushed by The Miz.  And we got a preview of the 7 on 7 match at Bragging Rights.

ECW…Yoshi Tatsu is getting an ECW Title match next Tuesday.  He and Zack Ryder had what I would consider a very good match to start the show, which was actually a little surprising considering Tatsu’s been kind of hit-and-miss so far since his debut earlier this year.  But he’s probably the most talented guy out of the New Superstar Initiative, and the most over guy of the bunch as well.  Should be an interesting match with Christian next week.  Which only goes to show you that, once again, we’re NOT getting an ECW Title match at a PPV.  Come on, guys, it’s been nearly two months since we’ve had an ECW Title match on a PPV!  I know Vince hates the show, but at least throw the fans a bone once in a while.

We also got Chris Jericho scouting the ECW locker room, trying to replace Cryme Tyme with (probably) Jackson and Kozlov.  Or probably some other heel team on Smackdown.  Say…the Hart Dynasty?  And, just to show that there can be great matches on ECW, we got a Christian/Jericho match, which was awesome.  And Christian got the pinfally victory, which to me was a huge win.  It might mean that once Christian drops the ECW Title, he may actually get a chance to move on to bigger and better things.  Perhaps a reunion with Edge?

Okay, I’m done speculating.  I’m also done looking at this blinding white screen.  I’ll be back later in the week with picks for Bragging Rights, and if any news breaks regarding any other prominent wrestlers, you can bet that I’ll have an opinion on it.  Until next time.


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