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I was hoping to have a more special topic for my 50th column, but I suppose I’ll have to wait till the 100th.  There are subjects that need to be discussed that are more important than some silly list or whatever that I can write about.  So here’s a list of things that need to be discussed.

First, there’s the matter of Bragging Rights.  There are a few things that are already bothering me about the show, not the least of which is two huge main events that in all likelihood should have been saved for Survivor Series.  You’ve got the Fatal Four Way match for the World Championship (which requires its own paragraph) and the Iron Man match between Cena and Orton.  I’ll discuss those later on, but it bears mentioning that Bragging Rights is a brand new show, not one of the Big Four.  If nothing else, the Iron Man match should have been saved for Survivor Series.  It’s shows like that that need a really big main event, and an Iron Man match is the perfect way to end a show and a feud.  As I talked about a few columns back, gimmick matches need to be used sparingly or the fans will start to think of them as old hat.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they pulled the Iron Man card for the last chapter of Cena/Orton.  I just think they’re using it too soon.  What to do in the interim between Hell in a Cell and an Iron Man match I do not know, but something should have been done to save Iron Man for Survivor Series.  The match is going to be awesome, for sure.  We all know Cena can go an hour.  Just refer back to his match with Shawn Michaels on Raw back in April of 2007.  They fought each other for almost an hour, and managed to work about for different matches during the course.  It wasn’t an Iron Man match, but it certainly elevated my opinion of both men.  Iron Man matches usually do the same.  I’m expecting a phenominal match out of these two, and if they fail to impress me, who knows what may happen.

Now, as far as the World Title is concerned, I have one major issue with this.  What have Batista and Rey Mysterio done to deserve a title shot?  All Batista has done is return from his latest injury, and Rey just returned from a drug violation.  Double standard much?  You get plenty of other guys who get suspended for drug violations or are out with an injury for months, and they don’t immediately get world title matches.  Why do they get it?  They lost their match at Hell in a Cell.  If that constitutes a world title shot, then Cryme Tyme, MVP, and Mark Henry should have all received title shots.  I honestly believe that the latter two DO deserve world title shots, but they’ll probably never get them.  It’s a shame.  Mark Henry as WWE Champion would be a real sight.  Anyway, I’m siding with CM Punk on this one.  He should get a one-on-one match with the Undertaker at Bragging Rights, and if you want a multi-man match, save it for Survivor Series and make someone EARN their spot in the main event.

Now, on to some good news.  As predicted weeks ago, we’re getting Miz vs. Morrison at Bragging Rights.  I don’t understand why Kofi won at Hell in a Cell only to lose the next night, but then again I’ll probably never truly understand the mind of a WWE writer.  Anyway, this is a definite match I’ve been wanting since they split up the best tag team of the 21st century, and now that they’re both champions, now is the perfect time to see how far they’ve progressed.  They’re both doing extremely well as singles competitors right now, both booked strong.  This is going to be the match I look forward to most at the PPV.

I was going to discuss the 7 vs. 7 tag match which is taking place at Bragging Rights, but we only know half of the competitors, so I’ll wait until the lineups are set.  I will say, however, that I am disappointed that both MVP and Evan Bourne were excluded from the Raw team in favor of Kofi and Swagger.

And I might as well talk a little about Raw.  There was apparently a Divas trade that happened.  There’s the big move with Melina going back to Raw and immediately winning the Divas Championship from Jillian, who had won it just prior from Mickie James.  I hate to bash Mickie, but she’s been pretty subpar in the ring as of late, and Melina has been much more consistent.  Aside from Beth Phoenix, nobody on Raw was ready or able to hold any titles, so they brought in someone else.  Which is okay, I suppose.  But it really shows the lack of talent all three brands when you have to shift the women around just so you can have a halfway decent match between just two of them.  And now there’s nobody for Melina to feud with, because Beth is on Smackdown now.  I would have supported that move, except Mickie is also on Smackdown, and the only other person Raw got was Eve.  Now, I like Eve.  She’s probably progressed the most out of the current crop of new ladies.  But she was a perfect fit with Cryme Tyme, and they and the Hart Dynasty were having a fairly good long-running feud going on.  What’s going to happen to them now that Eve is gone?  Are they adopting a new female to their ranks, or is this feud going to fall by the wayside like so very many before it?

Wait, I’m wrong.  I forgot that the Bella Twins are moving to Raw, and Rosa Mendes is off to ECW, where she will languish in obscurity and eventually get future endeavored.  Anyway, this trade…I’m not sure what to think of it overall yet.  I suppose I’ll have to watch to see how the new lineups gel, if they do at all.

Now, on to the big developments.  It appears that the seeds of destruction have been sown for two tag teams in one evening.  Jericho and Big Show look to be breaking up soon thanks to HHH, and Legacy is hanging together by a thread, which probably will get cut at Bragging Rights.  The tag champs aren’t going to be around as long as I’d expected/hoped they would be.  God knows who’s going to take the reigns as the tag division leaders once they’re split.  There isn’t really a viable tag team outside of DX, and having them as tag champs would make it impossible for me to believe that anyone will ever win those titles again.  I’m not expecting a Jericho vs. Show feud anytime soon, but they’ll probably go their seperate ways once they lose the titles, and Jericho can have a placeholder feud until Edge returns next year and they can have awesome matches forever.

Legacy…lots of people have been expecting their split for a while now, ever since they found out that Ted Dibiase was going to star in The Marine 2.  And with the release date of that closing in, now is the time to turn Ted face.  He lost to Cody Rhodes in a Bragging Rights qualifying match, and later in the evening, he pinned Randy Orton.  So yeah, his face turn is pretty secured.  It’s only a matter of time before he turns for real.  I don’t think he’s ready for a singles career, but if he’s going to be a big movie star, he’s going to be going it alone in the ring for a while, I’m betting.  He may have to move somewhere else to get the exposure he needs.  Perhaps a move to Smackdown and a feud with CM Punk?

Part of me wants to see this cycle broken and have Legacy remain together and not have Dibiase promoting his movie during wrestling time.  Let him to press junkets and whatever, but don’t waste TV time promoting a movie that’s going directly to DVD.  They did that with Kennedy and Behind Enemy Lines 3, and look what it got them.

Last thing for now: this whole shift of big names from Raw to Smackdown makes me think just one thing – that WWE is really stinging from the loss of one Jeff Hardy.  There are reports that his merchandise remains a top seller even though he isn’t working for them anymore, and his name has enough sway to convince people whether or not to attend their TV tapings and house shows.  First they move Batista to Smackdown, and nobody really cares (by nobody, I’m really just talking about myself), and I’m betting Cena’s moving too.  When your poster boy moves brands, something must be missing on the brand he’s moving to.  The point of all this is that Cena will likely fill the seats that Hardy fans are leaving empty.  Now what does this mean for Raw?  The last draft was set up to purposefully make Raw the strongest show, but with Cena gone, Raw’s going to have a huge hole in its main event.  Who’s going to fill it?  My hope is they give it to someone who hasn’t been in the main event yet.  Just so long as his last name doesn’t rhyme with “bagger.”  Maybe if it rhymes with “mortar.”

Anyway, that’s all for me for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my first 50 columns, because there are going to be plenty more coming your way.  See you all later.


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