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Well, I must say that Breaking Point was a hell of a lot better than I’d anticipated.  It was (with two exceptions) a great card, top to bottom.  And I had a pretty good pick record to boot.  So let’s go through the show, shall we?

Chris Jericho & The Big Show defeated MVP and Mark Henry to retain the Unified Tag Team Championship

No real surprise in the outcome, but it was still a damn good opener.  MVP’s apparently sporting a sleeveless look to go along with Henry, who now boasts the letters “WSM” across his back.  I really like these two as a tag team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept feuding with Jericho and Show for a while to come, until they find a suitable team to take the titles away from Jericho and Show.  Who knows, if MVP and Henry show great chemistry, maybe they’ll be the next Unified Tag champs.  But for now, Jericho and Show are the top dogs in the lackluster tag division.  MVP is really showing off his athleticism, and continued to show so on Raw tonight, with slingshot cross bodies out onto the floor and all manner of awesome moves.  And Henry continues to hold the audience in the palm of his hand.  One thing I noticed right off the bat (and that continued throughout the night) was the inability for the Montreal audience to pick a side during several of the matches.  One minute they’re booing Jericho but cheering for Show, the next they’re cheering for MVP and Henry, then they’re booing Henry and cheering Jericho…I know that Canada is crazy when it comes to wrestling, but please, pick a side and stick to it!  Good opener for sure.

Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz to retain the United States Championship

To me, this was the sleeper match of the night.  For a match that had absolutely no build, and an audience that wasn’t expecting much of anything, these two had a damn good match.  I never thought I’d say it, but Miz did a good job as the heel tonight, and he and Kofi have great chemistry in the ring.  They somehow manage to feed off each other and their moves were fluid and made sense.  It wasn’t just a slapdash effort by these two.  They were the replacement for the Morrison/Ziggler match, and they lived up to that match.  While I can’t say that Miz is main event material anytime soon, he actually deserves his spot near the top of the mid-card, and I would bet that given proper build, he can pull the title off Kofi.  I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Miz as US Champion.  Wow, again, I never thought I’d say that.  It feels weird.

Legacy defeated DX in a Submissions Count Anywhere Match

Probably the biggest surprise of the evening for me.  This match was worlds better than their Summerslam snoozefest.  It had a frantic pace through the beginning, right up until HBK took the big bump onto the crash pad after getting tossed out of the audience.  Then it was divide and conquer time for Legacy.  This match had the same audience problem as the first match.  There were heavy “You screwed Bret!” chants throughout DX’s opening promo, and HHH made a joke about not knowing anything about it (despite many reports to the contrary), and basically making a joke out of the whole thing.  And then the crowd was heavily in Michaels’ favor during the match, only to boo him later on, then cheer for him, then boo Legacy when Michaels tapped out.  I will say one thing: I’m a total sucker for double submissions.  Lock some guy in a crossface/sharpshooter combo and I love it.  I wasn’t, however, expecting a figure-four-on-the-post/million dollar dream combo to finish the match.  That looked devastating and pretty awesome.  I’ll give both teams credit: they pulled out all the stops to entertain the fans last night, and it showed.  A fun little brawl with lots of crazy submissions and a good ending.

Kane defeated The Great Khali in a Singapore Cane Match

For being a blemish on the card, this still wasn’t god-awful.  Kane managed to chokeslam Khali, which basically just had Khali lift his feet up and fall backward, but still!  We also had lots of cane-on-body action, which provided great sound effects but probably minimal actual damage.  And we at least got a victory for Kane, who I hope will move on from this non-feud and onto bigger and better (figuratively, not literally) things.  What, I am unsure.  But anything’s better than a feud with Khali, who needs to retire soon or risk losing both of his knees.

Christian defeated William Regal to retain the ECW Championship

When you give these guys ten minutes, they give you pure gold.  Especially without the constant threat of Jackson and Kozlov outside the ring.  A fantastic back and forth affair, with Regal showing why he’s on the cusp of winning the ECW Title and Christian showing why he’s the top dog.  I cannot wait for these guys to lock up at Hell in a Cell.  I’d really prefer they lock up INSIDE the cage, but knowing how much Vince loves ECW, that probably won’t happen.  But you can bet that Regal’s going to win the title at some point soon.  If not, it will be the biggest waste of a stable in a while.  Budding wrestlers should watch these two fight, because it will teach them almost everything they need to know about how to work a match.  It’s as simple as that.

Throughout the Pat Patterson/Mister Ziggles segment, all I could think was, “Padding, padding, padding!  Filler, filler, filler!”  Honestly, you couldn’t just have the two main events be three minutes longer each?  Yeesh.  Giving the Taker/Punk match three to five more minutes would have made it a lot more entertaining.  But instead we get Pat Patterson, who is in all honesty a very entertaining individual, and Mr. Ziggles (thank you John Morrison), who seems wholly intent on ruining old mens’ lives.  I bet we’re getting Morrison/Ziggles at Hell in a Cell.

John Cena defeated Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Champion

This was a great match that managed to do a whole lot with not very much.  There wasn’t a copious amount of weapons used.  There weren’t a ton of submissions.  There weren’t too many times where the ref asked if someone wanted to quit.  There was just a good, strong match that was built slowly and ended with a bang.  Cena sold his ass off during his beatdown, especially with those cane shots and that chair shot to his back.  I’ve never heard Cena scream like that before.  But Cena’s entire control segment was pure awesome.  The look on Orton’s face once Cena gained control of the handcuff keys, followed by Cena handcuffing himself to Orton, was priceless.  And the ending was great.  I loved how Cena and Orton worked with the crowd during those final moments, when Orton was reaching for the handcuff key and Cena was pulling back, when the crowd changed, “Let’s go Cena!” Cena pulled back, and when they chanted “Let’s go Orton!” Randy inched a little closer to the key.  But Cena finally won out, wrapped Orton’s handcuffed arm around Orton’s neck, and proceeded to choke Orton.  I would have liked Orton to give it another five or fifteen seconds before quitting, but you can’t expect perfection all the time.  Otherwise, things get boring.  But a damn good match, and in all honesty, this should have been the main event.

CM Punk defeated The Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Here’s where my rant goes.  There are two things that bother me about the relationship between the WWE and Canada.  The first thing is that Canadian fans STILL haven’t forgiven Vince for the screwjob on Bret Hart from TWELVE YEARS AGO.  Even Bret has forgiven Vince for that admittedly ugly moment in wrestling history.  The second thing is that Vince seems to love to rub this fact in the face of every Canadian WWE fan.  Every time they’re in Canada, and there’s a big event, there’s ALWAYS a screwjob moment, just to piss off the Canadian fans.  Vince loves to show how he’s the alpha male, and that he can rub Canada’s nose in the shit of the screwjob anytime he wants and he’ll always get a reaction from the crowd, which in turn will piss off the fans, and then get them to come back in the hopes that they’ll get avenged the next time.  But they never will.  It’s an awful never-ending cycle, and I honestly wish it would stop.  I’m really getting tired of WWE bringing up their past indiscretions, and I’m also getting tired of Canada being seemingly unable to let the past go.  But if one link disappears, then the other goes with it, and Vince no longer has a way to gain cheap heat in Canada and put more asses in seats to get him just a little bit more money.  Isn’t it sad when it’s always business that matters more than human emotion?

Okay, rant over.  Now I get to rant about how Scott Armstrong, the ref of this match and, I believe, every Punk match over the last few months, is so obviously playing Earl Hebner’s part in this, and will oh-so-obviously be Punk’s ally.  I’m not big on refs being biased to any wrestler, because it taints everything.  Special guest referees are one thing, as they’re always going to be biased in some way.  But having a regular ref being corrupt is different, and something I do not look forward to watching in the coming weeks.  I just wish that this had been a match where Punk could get himself DQ’ed and we move on to Hell in a Cell where Taker beats Punk to within an inch of death.  You know that’s going to be the case.

As far as the match goes, as I stated earlier, I think this match would have benefited tremendously from an extra few minutes of in-ring time, as it felt really rushed towards the end, during Taker’s final control segment ending in the Gogoplata.  And the whole reversal and screwjob finish also felt rushed.  They probably should have hurried Mr. Ziggles’ speech a bit so as to give this match a few extra minutes to build.  But what’s done is done, and we had another blemish on the card.  Too bad it was the last thing we saw.

So all in all, I was 5 and 2 with picks.  Pretty good, I’d say.

And I’ll just quickly talk about Raw, since I’ve gone on long enough: Batista’s being rushed back yet again, and moving to Smackdown, to try to fill the void left by Jeff Hardy’s likely permanent absence from wrestling.  The last time he was rushed back, he got injured again quickly.  Don’t they see that the same thing is very likely going to happen again, only on a different brand?  Having Batista on Smackdown will also hinder the eventual main event push of one John Morrison.  While he does deserve a strong Intercontinental Title reign, it’s only holding him back from unlocking his true potential.  It probably won’t matter too much.  Batista will probably get injured again within a couple of months and ACTUALLY have to retire this time.

CHAUVINISM ALERT!  Trish Stratus looked amazing, even moreso as a brunette now.  Yum.  And she still apparently has it in the ring.  I kind of love the fact that Beth Phoenix was originally going to be brought in BY Trish to mess around with Mickie James, but they seem to have forgotten that storyline since it was a few years back and Beth’s first run was cut short by a broken jaw.  But you kind of had to figure that Trish was going over in her hometown, so she pinned Beth.

Looks like we’re getting ourselves a good old-fashioned belt-stealing plotline for the Kofi/Miz feud.  Wonder how it’ll pan out.

We only have one more week of Lillian screwing up everything before she’s gone!  A Triple Threat #1 Contenders match for the Diva’s title, and only two women come out.  Wonderful.  I’m curious to see how Alicia Fox works with Mickie James.  Though I am a bit disappointed that the writers will put Trish over but bury Gail Kim, another Toronto native.  It boggles the mind…

Am I the only one who really liked Jericho and Beth as a team?  I think they’re perfect for each other.  Beth’s like the Big Show of the women’s division.  I really wanted to see her powerslam MVP, but that was not to be, unfortunately.

And Chavo finally admits defeat to Hornswoggle.  Let’s hope it sticks this time, and Evan Bourne can move on to likely face The Miz for the US Title in a couple of months.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now.  I’m not sure, but there may be a TNA PPV soon, so I’ll be doing my first TNA picks ever.  I’m not going to take them seriously, though, as I don’t take TNA seriously at all.  It’s a joke of a company at this point, so any picks I make should be taken with a desert of salt.  I’ll see you next time.


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