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It looks like I’m going to forego the rest of my analysis on the entire WWE roster until further notice.  I wasn’t able to complete it due to extenuating circumstances (read: real life called), so I may do so at a later date.  Perhaps at the end of the year or so.  Besides, there are a lot of more interesting stories that have happened.  But I’m going to save that until the end, because Sunday is Breaking Point, and I have to do picks just to make sure that I have done them.  So here we go.

Singapore Kane Match – The Great Khali vs. Kane – Yes, I know I spelled it wrong.  I was being silly.  As far as the match goes, it boggles the mind how this feud has somehow managed to stay alive for such a long time.  I thought it was going to be a one-and-done type of deal, something that gets resolved the week after their first confrontation.  Instead, we’ve gotten a month and a half of this nonsense.  Well, really we’ve gotten much more than a month and a half, but this is the most recent iteration I’m speaking of right now.  Anyway, adding a stipulation to this match won’t make it any more entertaining to watch.  Khali needs to hang up his giant wrestling boots soon, or he’ll need robotic legs if he ever wants to walk again.  I doubt that Kane is going to be around much longer, either.  He is in his fourties, after all.  But he still has more upside, so I’m giving the win to Kane, and hopefully we’ll see the end of this feud.

United States Championship Match – Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz – The Internet Wrestling Community is abuzz over The Miz, for reasons I don’t fully understand.  I like to consider myself kind of halfway between a true mark and an IWC smark.  A half-smark, if you will.  I read about backstage stuff and stories outside the realm of TV, but I have my own likes and dislikes, quite a few of which I’m sure are opposed to the IWC’s insanity.  Anyway, Miz has never been a favorite of mine.  I will give him props for improving dramatically over the last year or so, ever since he started teaming with the new Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison, and his new attitude is just what he needed to give him a push.  That said, I still don’t think he’s ready to be on top of the mid-card.  On the other hand, I did say that the first one-on-one match Kofi has with the title on the line, he’d lose it, and with absolutely no build to this, I’m betting it’s going to happen.  Kofi’s had a good run as US champ, but it’s probably going to be The Miz who pulls off the victory with his Skull-Crushing Finale (incidentally my current favorite finisher name).

Unified Tag Team Championship Match – Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c’s) vs. MVP and Mark Henry – We already know who’s going to win.  It’s the team with the mixed entrance theme.  It should be a damned fun match, though.  I would hope that this is the last match for both MVP and Mark Henry before they get their main event pushes, but I doubt that’ll happen.  Both of their pushes have been horrendously botched by Creative, and their characters have suffered greatly as a result.  MVP needs to go back to being a heel, as he was fantastic at that.  Henry I could continue seeing as a face, as he somehow has the entire audience in the palm of his hand whenever he’s in a match.  It’s amazing, really.  I’d love to see a Miz-Mark Henry match for the US Title, or watch Henry crush Swagger.  I’d also love to see an MVP/Evan Bourne match or six, but that won’t happen unless we get an MVP heel turn, which he is in dire need of.  Oh, right, the match.  Should be fun watching Henry match up with Show, and the others will provide their usual greatness.  But in the end, Jericho and Show will win and continue their reign of dominance over the nonexistent tag team division.

ECW Championship Match – Christian (c) vs. William Regal – No one has said whether this is a submission match.  If it is, I would have to think that Regal’s got the severe edge with his Regal Stretch.  Even if it isn’t a submission match, I’d expect to see Regal lock that in.  This has been an excellent feud, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a title change tonight.  If it isn’t a submission match, I’d give Christian a good chance to retain and move on to the next PPV against Regal.  But there haven’t been any specifics given out about this match.  I would think that, as a world title match, it would be a submission match.  But then again, this is ECW we’re talking about.  And we all know how much respect Vince has for ECW.  Actually, since the next PPV is the new Hell in a Cell PPV, I’m betting we’ll get an awesome match then, so I’ll give Christian the win, but he’ll probably only have the title for another three weeks.  What Christian does after losing the title, I have no idea.  But I am looking forward to Regal ruling ECW with an iron fist, crushing the weaker faces in his wrath.

Ooh, I just had a beautiful thought.  Regal’s next challenger: Bryan Danielson.  Would that just give the IWC a boner or what?

Submissions Count Anywhere – DX vs. Legacy – Another thing that hasn’t been fully explained about these submission matches: are they no DQ?  No count-out?  I would bet that this match is, but what about the World Heavyweight Championship match?  The I Quit Match is pretty obvious, but they haven’t really explained whether or not you can win or lose via DQ.  Anyway, I would bet that this is the beginning of the end for Legacy.  The Marine 2 is set to come out in December, and they have to build up Dibiase’s face turn, or I just won’t believe anything they do.  And Rhodes has been teasing a face turn as well.  So I’m betting the geezers will get the dupe on Sunday.  I hope that this match is better than their snoozefest at Summerfest…I mean Summerslam.  It should be, since they’ll probably fight all around the arena, tossing plastic garbage cans and hot dog carts at each other.  But DX is going to win this one.  And then we get to watch a couple of fourtysomethings dance around like 12-year-olds and make penis jokes for months on end.  Joy.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker – This match is, by far, the toughest one of the night to pick.  Both Punk and Taker have great chances to win, and both are going to put on an awesome show for sure.  Now, this is where my confusion sets in.  Can you lose by DQ?  Count-out?  If so, do you retain your title like a normal match?  This has not been explained.  In the Punk/Matt Hardy match on Smackdown, there were rope breaks, so I would guess that you can be disqualified.  But will that happen on Sunday?  I was watching some On Demand videos earlier this week, and they were showing clips of the Bret Hart/Stone Cold match at WM 13, and there were no DQs.  Of course, Ken Shamrock was the enforcer, so that probably made all the difference.  So I’m betting that Punk can get himself disqualified but still retain his title, which is what I’m betting is going to be the case.  Both guys have excellent submission finishers, but I’m betting Punk gets intentionally DQ’ed, setting up a match between the two at Hell in a Cell.  So, Undertaker wins by DQ, and they move their feud on to Hell in a Cell.

WWE Championship “I Quit” Match – Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena – Remember what I said earlier about the beginning of the end for Legacy?  Well, this will be another huge blow to the strongest, and yet also weakest, stable on Raw.  The way John Cena has been built these past few years, there is no way I can honestly believe he’ll ever quit in a match.  Well, maybe if Orton was threatening to punt Cena’s dad in the head a couple dozen times.  But other than that, I would bet you money that Orton would say it before Cena (NOTE: I will not actually bet anyone money on this).  The match itself will likely be fun and awesome, with lots of (I hope) weapons.  Tables and such.  But in the end, what’s good for the company is to have the face of the company at the top of the food chain.  John Cena is going to win, and put a second nail in the coffin of Legacy.

So thore are my picks.  I was going to write a long, rambling post about the whole Jeff Hardy situation, but chances are if you read this blog, then you read other blogs as well, and they’ve probably already documented all the details of this whole debacle.  I might come back in a day or two with my thoughts on the matter, but for now, I’ll just let you know that this has basically destroyed any chance he has of picking up where he left off with WWE.  He’s done.  I’ll be back in a couple of days with Breaking Point results, and, if I’m feeling frisky, I’ll write about the Hardy situation.  See you all then.


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