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On the heels of yet another release by WWE, I feel compelled to give the world my two cents on the latest diatribe from one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  Just today, Nick Dinsmore, whom some of you may know better as Eugene, was rereleased today, just a few weeks after being rehired by WWE.  Why?  Who fucking knows.  But it’s a shame, because Dinsmore never got a chance to show off any talent he may have had thanks to being completely hampered by a ridiculous gimmick that wore out its welcome the day after it appeared.  To someone like me, it looks more like he was brought back simply to put The Miz, of all people, over.  Sad, really.

Anyway, the article I read last night (you can read it here at Wrestleview) stated, and I quote: “One of the most prominent things heard at WWE creative meetings from Vince McMahon is his overall frustration with the product as of late and complaining about the company’s inability to create new stars. Probably the biggest criticism the company is getting now is pushing their TV harder than PPV events in the last year or so.”

Okay.  Let’s start with the “company’s inability to create new stars.”  There are two very obvious problems with the product in terms of creating new stars.  First, the few new people that are brought up every year are, for the most part, big muscleheads that look lost during 45 second squash matches.  The extremely small number of new wrestlers with actual talent are usually smaller (relative to the prototypical WWE superstar), and, in Vince’s twisted brain, not worthy of becoming major superstars in WWE.  Because they’re not 275 pound hulking brutes, they’re not good for TV, or they’re not what the people want.  Which, quite obviously, is so far from the truth it’s basically a lie.  Personally, I watch wrestling for the athleticism and the crazy shit some of these truly talented individuals can pull off.  I would rather see a 4 star match between Edge and Jeff Hardy than three squash matches featuring 270+ pound muscleheads like Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus.  Those aren’t entertaining.  Take ECW this past Tuesday.  In a one-hour broadcast that actually went about an hour and five or six minutes, there were FIVE matches.  FIVE MATCHES.  Normally you barely get five matches on a two-hour show.  We got basically a Shelton Benjamin face-turn squash match against Zack Ryder, a Kozlov squash match followed by the most pointless non-feud I’ve seen in a while, a very quick Burchill-Tatsu match ending in a DQ, all of which was an obvious setup for the return of the Hurricane, a Tyler Reks squash match, and a 5 minute Regal-Dreamer brawl-fest.  Three squash matches, one setup match, and one entertaining brawl.  I don’t watch wrestling for that.  I watch for the athleticism, the storytelling (both inside and outside the ring), and the few characters I can stand to watch on a weekly basis.  By promoting these no-talent bodybuilders, you’re hampering the product as a whole.  You’re not creating entertainment.  You’re creating full-contact bodybuilding contests.  And that’s something no one wants to see, ever.

The second reason these new stars aren’t emerging is because of the veterans of the company.  Now, this doesn’t apply to every veteran employed by WWE.  I’m just talking about those that have a history of problems with younger talent.  Your Shawn Michaels’, your Triple H’s, that sort of thing.  These are guys who prefer to keep themselves at the top of the company simply because they don’t know anything else.  The week before last, on Raw, when HHH was calling Shawn, and he said, “I know you don’t do jobs,” it probably gave the smarks watching a chuckle.  But if you look deeper, it’s sadly true.  Neither of these guys is ever going to put over a new talent for the good of the company, because they think THEY’RE what’s best for the company, when in reality, the main event scene on Raw has become the most stale part of all of WWE television.  We’ve had the same three guys (HHH, Cena, and Orton) at the top of the mountain basically for the past four and a half years straight.  Sure, there have been a couple of hiccups along the way (Edge, Punk, RVD), but mostly it’s been these three.  And that’s a huge problem.  When you don’t introduce new talents into the mix, things get boring.  Who could forget that disaster of a main event at WM 25?  It’s been done to death.  Vince is shooting himself in the foot by not allowing guys like MVP and Evan Bourne into the main event scene.  He’s actually contradicting what he’s supposedly said about not having new stars by pushing the same three guys over and over in some form or other.  You know how Vince loves to say, “It’s time to shake things up again!”  Well, I think it’s actually time he does what he keeps saying he’s doing.  You want a shake-up?  Put the WWE Title on MVP.  You want new stars?  Put the US Title on Evan Bourne.  Turn MVP back to a heel.  Take the vets out of the main event picture for a while.  Put Cena in a feud with a new guy he can help put over.  And just put HHH and HBK on the shelf for a while.  Maybe for good.  See how the product functions without the guys who have been holding the main event scene hostage for so long.  I’ll bet you things take a turn for the better.  I think that Smackdown’s starting to get it right.  Give pushes to the three most deserving guys on the brand, and have them feud over the World Title.  Three supremely talented guys, all with billed weights of under 230 pounds.  Think about that for a minute, Vince.  All of your champions on Smackdown (save Big Show, but he’s kind of tri-branded now anyway) are under 230 pounds.  And, yes, I realize that the same holds true for every other champion except Randy Orton, but that’s exactly my point.  Orton is played out and should take some time off to live with his family.  Let someone else take the reins and run with Raw for a while.  You saw how well Punk turned out as a heel.  Put the WWE Title on MVP and let him loose as a heel, telling everyone, “See?  I AM better than you!”  That’s gold right there, waiting to be mined.  But will it ever happen?  It’s doubtful at best.

And as far as TV getting pushed more than PPVs are cocnerned?  Well, when you have a PPV every 3-4 weeks, it kind of makes them a whole hell of a lot less special than they used to be back in the 80’s, when you had four a year and THAT’S IT.  They only came around every three months, and they had tons of build, because you had three months to build up to them.  Now, with the average amount of time between two PPVs down to less than a month, there’s no way to build that kind of tension that you could back when you had months to build.  It’s like every PPV in-between The Big Four are just filler PPVs, merely buildups to the next big show.  And guess who’s getting screwed most of all?  That’s right, the fans.  We shell out our hard-earned cash to see 3-4 weeks of build in a feud, only to find out that the same thing is going to happen again next month, only with a stipulation attached to it.  Take the current Punk-Hardy feud.  We got Punk winning the title at Extreme Rules.  Then we have their match at The Bash, where Punk gets himself DQ’ed.  Then there’s Night of Champions, where Hardy wins clean just so WWE can keep him around for another month.  NOW we’ve got (hopefully) the blow-off to this feud, and if you think that Hardy’s going to win this match, you’re delusional.  They’re building up to the major PPVs, but while they’re doing that, they’re making the fans pay an extra $200 to watch the big matches that occur during the 3-4 months between big shows.  It’s ridiculous.  What WWE needs to do (and I’ve said this before) is to cut back on the PPV shows.  You’re bleeding the fans dry by having 14 shows a year.  And American PPV rates are outrageous at best, but when you’ve got 14 shows a year at $55 a pop, plus the cost for cable to watch 3/4 of the shows you broadcast, you’re looking at thousands of dollars to keep up with a show where grown men don’t hit each other with punches and smash each other with chairs.  Come on, Vince.  Time to wake up and smell the giant shit pile that is your mindset.

So, that’s that.  I’ll be back later with more angry rants, and maybe something positive…whenever that occurs.


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