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After watching ECW yesterday (thank science for the DVR!), I felt it was necessary to write this.  I’m sure everyone has their opinions on who they think should be pushed and who should be buried, who should rise to the top of the food chain and who should get future endeavored.  Well, hot on the heels of a somewhat subpar ECW (save the title match, which was garbage wrestling at it’s finest), and the recent firing of Brian Kendrick, I am here to present to you…

The Top 5 WWE Wrestlers I Think Should Be Released Immediately, If Not Sooner!

#5 – Ricky Ortiz.  When he first started on ECW, I actually thought he had a lot of potential.  He was a big guy, but he had some pretty cool moves he could pull off, including a wicked dropkick.  But after his first loss to Jack Swagger, he kind of lost all momentum and his push was halted entirely.  He toiled in the basement of ECW for a while, only to be drafted to Smackdown via the Supplemental Draft.  He then proceeded to stay in the basement, but instead of working his way out, he adopted a lame “motivational speaker” heel gimmick, lost the pants, and seemed to get worse in the ring somehow.  The spark I saw in his first few matches was gone, and any cool moves he’d used before were gone.  So now that he’s basically disappeared from television altogether, it’s probably time for Ortiz to look for other positions of employment.

#4 – Tyler Reks. I don’t normally pass judgment on a wrestler so quickly, but this guy has been a huge disappointment.  He LOST his first two matches, which is never a good sign, and those showings were weak at best.  But I’m being harsh here, and they were downright awful.  The guy lacks charisma, his in-ring skills are pretty pathetic, and I HATE surfers.  I’m sure at some point someone saw something in him, as he is (as far as I know) the current FCW Champion.  But he’s probably not as restricted in developmental as he is in ECW.  Still, his (I think) three matches have been subpar at best, and I don’t see him getting any better in either the short-term or the long run.  So it’s probably time to say bye to Tyler.

#3 – Ezekiel Jackson. Of all the current WWE employees, I would find it most difficult to believe Ezekiel is championship material.  Sure, he’s only had a handful of matches, but they’ve mostly been squashes, and he still manages to look lost during those.  The guy is greener than the rolling hills of England, and looks to have about as much potential for improvement as George W. Bush has of saying something intelligent.  He’s just another one of those muscleheads who’s getting a push because of his size and stature.  He reminds me a lot of Ahmed Johnson, actually.  Here’s hoping that Ezekiel follows suit and gets released soon after his debut.

Now, of the remaining two picks, I could not possibly decide which one I wanted more to be released, so I’m going to put these two men in a tie for the #1 Wrestler I Think Should Be Released Immediately, If Not Sooner!

Jack Swagger and Mike Knox

By now I’m sure you’re tired of me railing on Swagger.  But it bears constant repetition that this guy does not have what it takes to be a believable WWE superstar.  Let’s head back to Raw this past Monday.  I’ll give you two examples as to why he should be fired now.  First off, during his match with Evan Bourne, Swagger hit a kick while Bourne was on his knees that looked like an actual kick directly to the face.  It was almost as though there was some malice and forethought involved in that kick.  I’m betting Swagger was in a pissy mood ever since he lost to Bourne last week.  And I’m not talking about his character.  I’m talking about the person.  Jake Hager.  I think he’s expecting to be a future WWE Champion, and soon at that.  But he just doesn’t have the in-ring talent, the charisma, or the psychology for me to ever consider him a good, let alone a great, WWE superstar.  The second incident happened at the end of the show, when John Cena tossed Dr. Ken over the top rope and into a crowd of heels waiting to catch him.  Jack Swagger is the reason Dr. Ken landed very awkwardly right on the back of his head.  If you go back and watch, you’ll notice that Swagger got hit with Ken’s body, but instead of falling backwards onto the ground, like the other two or three guys did, Swagger let Ken’s body bounce off of him, then Swagger proceeded to fall off in another direction, leaving Ken’s head exposed and vulnerable.  And when the rest of the guys catching Ken fell really far back, Ken’s head landed on that little rubber strip between the steel entrance ramp and the padding.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ken received a minor concussion from that.  And that’s just one evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Swagger is a danger to other performers.  He seems to hold real life grudges against the WWE characters he faces in the ring, and that’s not healthy.  He could cause more accidental injuries to other people than anyone else in the company.  And that is why he should be released.

And Mike Knox…well, you only have to look at his face to know why he needs to be fired.  Well, there’s that, and there’s his fat body, his prior steroid use, his lack of in-ring skills, his pathetic excuse for charisma, and his use of Swagger Tactics.  The only positives about Knox are his finisher and the hilarious way he flops around the ring when he’s facing a larger opponent, which isn’t very often.

So I suppose when I think about it, there really isn’t much of a tie between these two guys.  Knox is #2, and Swagger is, by far and away #1.

Well, there you have it.  I welcome any comments, as always.  I’ll probably be back over the weekend with recaps of Superstars and Smackdown.  See you then!


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