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It’s that time again.  Let’s jump right into the picks.

Women’s Championship: Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina – McCool’s win at The Bash was a miscarriage of justice.  It doesn’t help that the women’s division on Smackdown is pathetically thin at the moment.  I still don’t think McCool was ever deserving of a title in the first place.  Melina, on the other hand, has shown so much improvement in the ring the last couple of years it’s stunning.  Is she going to get her title back?  Probably not.  Though I truly would love to watch a few Melina vs. Natalya matches for the title.  But WWE has a tendency to just kind of give their womens’ titles to someone and then forget about it for six months (*COUGH*Maryse*COUGH*), so maybe Michelle’s going to hold the title for a while before getting dethroned by another undeserving lady.  The Smackdown women’s division needs a serious shot in the arm soon if we’re to believe there are any actual contenders for the title if Melina loses on Sunday.  Which she probably will.  Michelle McCool wins, possibly through illegal means.

Diva’s Championship: Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James – I said that Michelle McCool’s win at The Bash was a miscarriage of justice.  Well, Maryse’s title reign is the biggest one in recent memory.  The fact that she’s the longest reigning champion in WWE is actually kind of sad.  I am praying that Mickie wins and once again has a title to hold aloft.  I’d expect this to be the bathroom break match of the night.  I don’t really want to think about it much, so I’ll just say Mickie James wins to become only the third Diva’s champion in WWE history.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & ? (c) vs. Legacy – Up until last week, you could not have convinced me otherwise that Dolph Ziggler was not going to be Jericho’s partner for this match.  Hell, he still likely will be.  But with an Intercontinental Championship match also on the bill for Ziggy, chances are slim that he’ll be Jericho’s partner.  We saw Jericho talking to Kane on Smackdown, so perhaps we’ll get those two as a team.  Or we could get a turn from either Rhodes or Dibiase.  I could speculate for another thousand words, but I don’t think I need to, since I’m sure plenty of that has already been done by other people making their picks.  As it stands, I figured Legacy was going to win the titles when Edge was still healthy.  But since both Dibiase and Rhodes are battling various injuries, maybe it’d be better for Jericho and his mystery partner to hold the titles for a little longer.  Maybe Jericho’s partner will be someone returning from injury.  Probably not, though.  I’d still think Ziggler’s the top pick, and you know these two would have excellent chemistry together.  Plus, it’ll give Ziggler a huge rub and welcome him into the spotlight.  So for now, I’ll pick Jericho and his partner to win.  Though if he ends up finding no one, the choice is a lot more obvious.

United States Championship Six-Pack Challenge: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Big Show vs. MVP vs. Carlito vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz – I could argue for days about how half the people in this match don’t deserve to be in the match.  Oh, hell, I’ll do it anyway.  What business do Carlito, Swagger, and The Miz have in this match?  None of them have proved their worth enough to receive any sort of singles championship match.  Carlito just lost the tag team titles, so what gives him the right to immediately be in line for a singles title?  Swagger’s the least entertaining guy on the roster, so why does he get a shot?  And Miz…well, after all those weeks of hype, he had a sub-par match with Cena at The Bash (I should know…I was there after all) and another match with Cena the next night and lost.  What has he done since then?  Failed to go on a date with Maryse?  How does that warrant a United States Title Match?  I’ll tell you who should be in that match: Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, and…um…Santino Marella.  Why?  Because Henry pinned Randy Orton his first night on Raw, Evan Bourne is the fastest-rising young guy in WWE, and Santino provides almost unlimited comedy.  Yes, with that lineup it’s a face-heavy match, but hey, they can all gang up on The Big Show and then see who’s the best.  As far as the match at hand goes, Show’s been built up as the unstoppable force, as usual.  But Kofi’s resilience and fortitude have also been discussed at length by the announcers.  So it pretty much will come down to one of those two.  And when you think about it, Kofi’s got more upside than Show as a champion.  Because Kofi’s going to be a fighting champion, always challenged, always entertaining.  Show won’t have a believable contender ever.  So I’m going to give the win to Kofi Kingston to retain his title.  The rest of these guys are either ready to move on up or slide back down into the lower card.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – This should prove to be a very important match in the career of young Nick Nemeth, alias Dolph Ziggler.  He started out as a cheerleader, and now he’s on the verge of beating one of the most popular wrestlers WWE has ever had.  Rey’s on par with Ricky Steamboat as one of the most universally loved performers ever, and beating him is a huge boost for anyone, especially a young guy who’s never held a major singles’ title before.  Is this Ziggy’s night?  Tough to say.  Rey’s only held the title for a month.  Seeing as how the IC Title has been bounced around more than a pinball, I’d find it much more worthwhile for Ziggler to win the title after Mysterio’s held it for a while.  But maybe it’s time for Dolph to continue moving on up.  It’s tough to say.  I’d bet this feud’s got more life in it, and since Ziggler’s likely to be Jericho’s partner, I’m going to say Rey Mysterio retains his title, at least for now.  I’d bet on a rematch for Summerslam if this one is pulled off well.

ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian – A Christian heel turn has been building for a while, and who else thinks that they’re going to pull the trigger on Sunday?  I certainly do.  Having multiple challengers for his ECW Title is the best way for Tommy Dreamer to hold onto it longer.  He deserves a long title run after all the shit he’s been put through at the hands of WWE Creative.  Give him a year or so.  With plenty of vets to challenge him now and new faces waiting in the wings to take him on later, Dreamer’s got plenty of time to keep the title.  I can’t wait for some Dreamer/Regal matches.  At least, I hope that we get some.  As for the match itself, you’ve got two workhorses working their craft and representing their brand by themselves, so you bet this is going to be a fun match.  I think Tommy Dreamer will retain, followed by a show of good sportsmanship ruined by Christian’s anger.  Then we get Dreamer vs. Regal, Dreamer vs. Kozlov, Dreamer vs Burchill, Dreamer vs. Ryder, and on and on.

World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – This match is unfortunately one of the more obvious choices.  Not because Punk’s a better champion than Hardy, but because of the logistics behind the situation at hand.  I’m sure you’ve all heard that Hardy’s contract is up very soon and he hasn’t resigned.  So putting the title on a guy who’s likely to leave soon would be foolish at best.  Of course, we did get a 1-day Batista title reign (which I’m nominating for the worst title reign in recent history, only challenged by Maryse’s Diva’s title reign and The Great Khali’s title reign a couple of years back), so I suppose anything’s possible.  But what I’m looking most forward to is the Punk/Morrison feud that’s on the cusp of happening.  All that needs to be done is for Punk to dispatch Hardy, and that’s about as sure of a bet as you can take.  So CM Punk retains his title and continues on as one of the most elitist wrestlers this side of Chris Jericho.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. HHH – This feud has gotten to the point where I honestly could not care at all who wins.  It no longer matters to me who finally comes out on top of the Orton/HHH feud.  I just want it to be over so we can see some new guys get their shots for the WWE Title.  I just hope these three put on a hell of a show and end their respective feuds for the time being.  It’s overstayed its welcome by several months.  Randy Orton retains.

So, if you’re counting, that’s ONE title I’ve picked to change hands.  I wonder if WWE will be as bland as I am…I’ll be back in a couple of days to let you know how badly my picks went, and to plead to WWE for a series of high-profile matches between Mike Knox and The Great Khali.  Because, as you all know, these two had an epic 5-star encounter on Smackdown, and I know that everyone wants to see these two in main event matches around the world, fighting for every championship, fighting for an hour or more, taking each other to the limit night after night!  Who’s with me?  YEAH!

Until next time.


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