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I’m going to deviate from my usual WWE rantings to talk just briefly about TNA, specifically the couple of minutes I watched tonight.  I’ve already read the spoilers for the next couple of weeks (I enjoy seeing a company self-destruct on a weekly basis), so I know what’s happened.  And I do follow the company through the spoilers on the Wrestleview website, as well as PPV results.  So I know what happens.  I just don’t care to watch it happen.  Tonight really reminded me why I don’t watch TNA.  First off, I’d been hearing for months that Samoa Joe has looked awful.  I didn’t realize it until tonight, when I caught the aftermath of his match with Homicide, when Hernandez made the save.  Joe looks terrible.  You would think that after this long he’d get back into the shape he was in before he left for a while.  But he still looks out of shape (and yes, I realize that as a fatass myself it’s like the pot calling the kettle overweight), and I would bet his matches are suffering as a result.  But, like I said, I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if he’s still working matches like he was a year ago.  I would have considered him kind of a role model in the wrestling world a couple of years ago.  Now…not so much.  And I have to think that whatever Taz says about loving being in TNA is an outright exaggeration.  I can’t honestly believe that anyone who’s worked for the big time and moves down to #2 thinks it’s better.  Sure, the actual wrestling portion is freer, the promos are less restricted thanks to the TV14 rating, and you only have one show a week.  But the booking is god-awful at best, and it’s just not the same company it was a few years back.  We see guys who are past their prime at the top of the heap week in and week out, when they should instead be retired and living at home with their families.  Not putting on sub-par matches and looking like a fucking serial killer.

And speaking of looking like a serial killer…I’d read several peoples’ reports on how Kurt Angle looks like he’s losing his mind.  Well, I can say now that I agree with those people.  For the one minute I could stand watching him, he looked like a textbook madman.  He had this insane look in his eyes I don’t ever remember seeing before, and his unkempt, ungroomed hair and face only add to the image of a sociopath.  I wonder if sometimes he actually believes the words that are coming out of his mouth.  Now add to this a bunch of guys around his age who all look like they were taken from nursing homes and you’ve got a recipe for pure failure.  Nash looks like he was woken up from his afternoon nap to stand around in the ring and watch Kurt look even more like a nutjob.  Same goes for Foley.  Booker and Steiner…well, at least they look a little less…old.  But Steiner still looks like a freak, and Booker’s age shows mostly through his face.  Seriously, these five…no…we really should include Sting in this argument.  These six really just need to retire and give TNA back to the younger guys, the TNA stalwarts, the guys who still have some good matches left in them.  Let Styles, Daniels, LAX, those guys, let them take TNA back over and try to bring it back to what it was years back.

You know what the first step in accomplishing this is, right?  Fire Russo.  The crowds have been chanting this for years.  Why not listen to them for once instead of the suits backstage?  Give the fans what they want.  Simple as that.

Okay, that’s my bit on TNA.  I’ll be back this weekend with picks for Night oF Champions, once the card is complete.  I will say one more thing before I go: is anyone else looking forward to an Edge/Jericho feud as I am?  Get well soon, Edge.


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