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Three more matches have been added to the card for The Bash since last I wrote here.  And one has been updated from mediocre to awesome.

Firstly, the HHH/Orton match will now be a Three Stages of Hell Match.  We haven’t seen this in years.  We’re getting a 2 out of 3 falls match where the first fall is a traditional match (boring), the second fall is a Falls Count Anywhere match (pretty cool) and the third fall will be a stretcher match (awesome).  These two had a surprisingly good Last Man Standing match tonight on Raw (or, for those of you reading now but havint seen the match yet, WILL have a good match tonight).  I realized that when these two lock up in a regular singles match, they stink up the joint, but when you put thim in a match with a stipulation, they can put on a pretty entertaining match.  Their Last Man Standing match last year, if Orton hadn’t broken his collarbone shortly into the match, would have been considered pretty entertaining.  And this should be a lot of fun as well.

Also announced last week is a Women’s Title match between Melina and Michelle McCool.  We all know these two can go at it, so this should hopefully be a fun Divas match.  I know I’ll be sounding like a chauvanist, but I’ll be looking forward very much to seeing Melina live and in person, and I’ll be getting a great close-up look at the greatest ring entrance ever.  I don’t, however, think that McCool deserves to be considered the first woman to ever win both women’s titles.  If anything, Melina or Mickie James should be the first to do so.  Still, it should be a nice match that I’m sure a lot of people will not be watching.  But I will.

There’s also going to be a Mask vs. Title match this Sunday.  Rey Mysterio is putting up his mask and his heritage against Chris Jericho’s IC Title.  This feud’s still got some legs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this continued on into next month.  I look forward to seeing these two kick each other around.

And finally, tonight a match was announced between John Cena and The Miz.  We’re finally getting the match we’ve been waiting for for a while now.  We get to witness Cena beat the ever-loving shit out of Miz, which is worth something.

One notable name that’s been left off the card so far is Edge.  His match with John Morrison last week was an epic encounter, and I was really hoping that they’d stick these two together once again to appease the Smackdown fans.  I’d especially like it if they put this match on the Bash’s card.  But then there’d be eight matches and that might just be a little too much to squeeze into a traditional PPV timeslot of three hours.  I can still hope.  Mostly because I really would like to see both Edge and John Morrison live.  Also, I just realized that MVP’s been left off the card.  Three big names I was hoping to see are left off the card.  Yes, the rest of the card is pretty strong, but it would have made the event just that much better to see those three guys.  Hopefully there will be some action taken over the next four days and we’ll get to see at least one of them live.

So, as far as Raw tonight went, I have to say that it was pretty overwhelming to watch two solid hours of Raw with no commercials.  You could tell that they were inserting a lot of vignettes and lengthening promos in order to fill the time normally allotted to advertisements.  The opening Trump promo and subsequent Cena/Miz promo went 20 minutes.  There was a lot of stuff to absorb.  And then, just when things started to get interesting (Trump claiming every Raw will be commercial-free AND admission would be free AND a celebrity guest star every week instead of a GM), Vince McMahon struts down to the ring and “buys Raw back” for double what Trump “paid” for it.  So Raw won’t be commercial-free, admission-free, or have celebrity guests every week.  But we will get a GM eventually, and we got the Three Stages of Hell Match out of it.  So I’ll consider it a positive.  I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing Donald Trump anyway.  The man just turned 63, looks like he’s 75, and has the worst hairdo I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never found him entertaining in the least, so I’m glad the whole “owner of Raw” deal got killed tonight.  And maybe we’ll get to have the old Vince McMahon back, the evil dictator Vince McMahon we all have grown to hate over the years.  Raw (and the WWE) needs a major heat magnet now that Vickie Guerrero is gone, so who better to fill her shoes than the guy everyone has hated for 12 years?

I think I’m tapped out for the moment.  I’ll be back later in the week with picks for The Bash, and I’ll write up an (hopefully) extensive column about the goings-on at The Bash.  I’ll see you then.


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