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I’m angry.  Yes, I know I come across as fairly uproarious during my normal writing here, but now I’m truly pissed.  Why, you ask?  Because WWE is fucking the fans in Sacramento out of a good show.  Oh, by the way, there may be some strong language, so to quote Team Four Star: “If you’re under the age of 18 and haven’t heard the word ‘fuck’ before…well, now you have.”  But back to the topic at hand.

Sacramento was announced months ago as the city where Night of Champions would be taking place, during a house show I wish I had attended.  I found out on, I believe, a Tuesday.  Tickets would go on sale that Friday, but according to Ticketmaster, there would be a special pre-order period on Thursday morning for those who signed up to receive the Ticketmaster newsletter.  I couldn’t pass up the chance to see  nine championship matches (oh, right, this was before the tag team titles were unified, just to give you an indication as to how far in the past this was), so I signed up, got an email with the special pre-order code, and was up early Thursday morning to make sure I would be able to order as soon as tickets went on sale.  I did, indeed, do so, and somehow managed to score a ticket in the second row of one of the sections directly surrounding the entrance ramp.  Now, if you don’t think that’s a good god damned seat, you’re out of your fucking mind.  I paid good money for it too.  Money I should have spent on utilities and food.  But I paid for it anyway, and a couple of weeks later, my ticket arrived in the mail.  I was beyond ecstatic.

Now, flash forward a month or two.  Wrestlemania 25 has come and gone, and there is one less title that’s to be defended at Night of Champions.  No problem, I think.  That’s still eight quality matches I’ll more than likely get.  Plus I get to thake my chair home.  Then, WWE announces that they’re switching two PPVs.  I find out that, of all the shows they could be switching around, they switch Night of Champions for The Great American Bash.  I almost just went on eBay and sold my ticket then and there.  I no longer wanted to go, because I wasn’t going to get eight championship matches.  But as the next few days passed, I thought about it more and more, and realized that getting to be a part of a PPV event was worth going to a show I wasn’t supposed to go to originally.  So I chose to keep my ticket and decided I’d go anyway.

Then, the pile of PPVs comes rolling in.  We get Backlash, Judgment Day, and Extreme Rules within six weeks of each other.  If you include WM25, that’s four PPVs in two months.  And none of them were all-around great shows.  Plus, Judgment Day was just a set-up show for Extreme Rules, which was overall fairly disappointing.  Sure, Tommy Dreamer finally won the ECW Title, and we had one hell of a ladder match, but as a whole, it was a disappointment.

And now we get to today, wherein I finish watching Smackdown from last night and realize how truly fucked The Bash (WWE dropped Great American because, I guess, they don’t want to associate themselves with WCW anymore…but if that’s the case, why keep the World Heavyweight Championship design exactly the same as it was back in the day?) and the people of Sacramento are.  Not only is the show getting less than two weeks of build thanks to the horribly timed “Three-for-all” three hour Raw scheduled for this Monday, but there is a free concert being promoted for before the show.  Adelitas Way (the band behind the theme song of WWE Superstars) and Rev Theory (the band behind Randy Orton’s theme song) are scheduled to perform at about 2 PM, nearly three hours before the actual show is supposed to start.  And I have one question for WWE: why are you fucking us over on so many levels?  You have three perfectly good title matches, so why waste them on a show not even two weeks before a major PPV event?  I would honestly pay to go to the show if the three world title matches were the three matches that are going to be on Raw.  As it stands, every match on the card for The Bash is going to be rushed to the point of pointlessness, and we (the fans) aren’t going to have a drop of emotional investment in any of the matches that will take place.  Sure, Raw might see a slightly higher rating thanks to having three championship matches, but The Bash will suffer.  It’s already agonizing watching what was going to be a dream show in the city I live turn into a farce, but watching WWE proudly fuck us in the ass while we watch (presumably with some sort of mirror or camcorder setup) is just a fucking nightmare.  Next thing you know we’re going to get matches like Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali and Mike Knox vs. R-Truth, and Big Show vs. John Cena for the eleventy-billionth time.  And the almost too obvious kicker, yet another HHH vs. Orton tragedy waiting to happen.  I think I may just put my ticket up for sale anyway, because as it stands now, there’s no way in hell that The Bash is going to be a good PPV event.  No fucking way.

There was a PPV on, I believe, last year or the year before, that had two weeks of build.  And it turned out horribly.  So what makes Creative think that giving even worse treatment to a celebrated show like The Great American Bash is a good idea?  Huh?  I don’t even care if there’s a good chance I’ll be seen on TV.  I’ve been fucked before, but this time it really hurts.  If you want a ticket to The Bash in a little over two weeks, leave me a comment and maybe we can work something out.


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