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I haven’t done one of these little analysis pieces in a while, so I figure it’s high time for me to, in fact, do one of these little analysis pieces.  I’m going to look back at the 2009 Draft picks, and I’m going to look at what I said about each draft pick and see whether or not I was right with my opinions about how the move would affect each wrestler in question.  So let’s get started.  I’ll do the Supplemental Draft picks first, just for fun.

Mr. Kennedy to Raw – That sure didn’t last long.  Ah, well.  I stated back on April 17th that he was too injury-prone to make much of an impact, and I guess I was right.  Though I didn’t think he’d be gone from the company so soon.  Ah, well.  Sometimes you end up losing overall.  Which reminds me, I’m going to do another piece about the group of wrestlers who have been let go by WWE over since 2008.  The list is ridiculously long, so the article will probably also be quite long.  That article won’t be written for a little while, so you have time to prepare for it.

Cryme Tyme to Smackdown – They haven’t exactly gotten any Tag Team Championship opportunities since moving brands.  It isn’t like they were ever serious contenders, anyway.  I see great potential in JTG, but he just needs to be more of himself and less of a character.  And he needs to drop the big lug Shad.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Shad.  But he’s barely improved since he was brought up to the big leagues, and that was a couple of years ago.  JTG has shown consistent improvement over the last couple of years, and is a legitimately entertaining wrestler.  He’s got some great high-flying skills that would serve him very well if there were a Cruiserweight division or an X Division for WWE.  But they’ll probably just do silly skits until they’re released again.

Alicia Fox to Smackdown – She’s barely benefited from the move, while DJ Gabriel has disappeared entirely off of TV.  Which is a shame, because I saw some talent in Gabriel.  But he’s gone, and we have the leftovers to deal with.  A. Fox, as JR likes to call her, has a bit of talent as a wrestler, but she’ll probably never go anywhere.  She’s not nearly as good as the rest of the Smackdown Diva roster.  Or, at least, she’s not as talented as Melina, Gail Kim, or Michelle McCool.  She’s about as good as the rest of the Divas, which is to say not very good.  Better than Layla and Eve, maybe not quite as good as Maria.  She’ll circle the drain for a while, I bet.

The Colons to Raw – An entirely superficial move, since they’re competing on all FOUR WWE TV shows.  Who’s going to step up to the plate and take those titles away from them?  At this point, the top contenders are Rhodes and Dibiase and The Hart Dynasty.  Personally, I’m pulling for the Dynasty.  But Primo and Carlito have enjoyed some pretty tremendous success as tag champs.  Primo’s a legitimately entertaining guy to watch, and should be a Cruiserweight champion someday…oh, wait…well, maybe he’ll get a chance as a US or IC champ one day.  Carlito’s gotten about as good as he’ll ever get, so he’ll linger in the mid-card for a good while, I bet.

Mike Knox to Smackdown – I know I keep saying it, but it bears repeating: HOW DOES THIS BASTARD STILL HAVE A JOB?  He had potential back in 2006 when he was Kelly Kelly’s domineering boyfriend and didn’t look like John Goodman’s evil twin.  The guy has very little in-ring talent and no charisma.  He really should be gone from the company.  That is, unless he loses about 30-40 pounds and shaves.  But I don’t forsee that happening, so let’s hope he’s gone soon.  I pray he isn’t going to be on the card for The Bash.

Ezekiel Jackson to ECW – Gone from TV entirely.  There can only be one unstoppable freak per show, and ECW already has Vladimir Kozlov.  And since Jackson makes Kozlov look like Bret Hart, Jackson had to go.  I wonder where he is…

The Bella Twins to Raw – We saw them, what, maybe twice since they were drafted, and then they disappeared again.  It’s a shame for them.  They were decent in the ring.  I still think that the ball was seriously dropped when no explanation was given as to whether or not they had split from MizMo and the Colons or if they were back to being best friends.  It’s as though WWE Creative thinks that we forget things really easily if they just gloss over them quickly enough.  Like Umaga speaking perfect English a couple of weeks ago.  Umaga spoke?  What?  I didn’t see that.  It must never have happened.  Also see: Chris Benoit.

Candice Michelle to Smackdown – Haven’t seen her, doubt we will.

Zack Ryder to ECW – I’m surprised that both Hawkins and Ryder are still employed.  But I guess Ryder was willing to take on a stupid gimmick just so he could continue getting a paycheck.  He cut his hair, put insane amounts of gel into it, and is wearing a strange half-long tights half-short tights setup and keeps saying, “Woo woo woo.”  Annoying, but he’s on TV and he’s pulling in a paycheck.  He isn’t going to get far with the gimmick, especially on a show with so many people higher up on the food chain.

Chavo Guerrero to Raw – At least he’s been given more to do than push Aunt Vickie around in her wheelchair.  In fact, Chavo’s been behind some of the matches on Raw, and he’s been manipulating Vickie seemingly every week.  So, while he’s still jobbing in the ring, he’s doing a lot more behind the scenes, and I kind of like it.  I’m hoping for a hostile takeover of Raw by Chavo, kicking Vickie to the curb, and putting someone more entertaining in charge, like William Regal.

Ricky Ortiz to Smackdown – Another case of the “one and done” mentality.  He was on TV I believe twice, using the exact same gimmick he was using on ECW, only now as a heel gimmick of being a pushy, annoying motivational-speaker-type character that won’t garner any hear or get him over at all.  He’s lost in the shuffle and will probably get “future endeavored” soon.  Which is too bad.  He had some good in-ring charisma and a decent in-ring moveset.  But such is the way when Creative has nothing for you to do.

Layla to Smackdown – Great, another talentless bimbo polluting the Smackdown Diva locker room.  I swear, if some of these girls spent half as much time working on their in-ring skills as they did on their makeup, maybe the WWE women wouldn’t be thought of as such a joke.  I know that improvements don’t take place overnight, but when you don’t improve in over a year, something is terribly wrong.  Layla is sloppy, limited, and has no sense of psychology.  She just needs to be a valet or something.

Hornswoggle to Raw – I guess we found out who his new protector is.  But Goldust?  Really?  That makes so little sense it makes my head hurt to think about it.  So I’ll stop.  But I can’t, because they’re a tag team now, too.  And they’re winning.  How pathetic is that that legitimate tag teams are getting pushed to the side in favor of a sideshow act?  Brian Kendrick and Jamie Noble lost to these guys on Superstars, and you’ve got to wonder exactly how Kendrick and Noble feel about this.  I’m sure they don’t care so much since they’re making money off of it, but still…it’s got to hurt their sense of pride to lose to a midget and a guy with a character from 1996.  I’d imagine the Hornswoggle train will be pulling into its final station soon.  At least I hope it will.  And if Hornswoggle makes an appearance as a wrestler at The Bash, I’d consider not going.

David Hart Smith to ECW – Looks like the Hart Dynasty trigger was finally pulled, and it’s paying dividends for ECW.  Kidd and Smith are wrestling 15-20 minute matches every week against guys like Christian and Finlay, and they’re looking damn good in doing so.  I really hope these guys are the team to take the tag gold from Primo and Carlito, because they need as much legitimacy as they can get.  They’re already really high in my book, but they could always be better.  I’m really looking forward to watching these three develop into a powerhouse faction, and eventually move to another brand where they will dominate.

John Morrison to Smackdown – Though I’m still not big on the face turn, Morrison’s taking the most of the opportunity, showing off how much skill he really has as a singles competitor.  He’s actually improved tremendously since his last singles run as ECW Champ back in 2007.  He’s getting over, big time, and there’s no time like the present to start giving him main event matches.  If Edge retains the World Heavyweight Championship tomorrow at Extreme Rules, I’m hoping Morrison is the next guy to get a shot at the title.  He’s got nowhere to go but up, especially after his win over Shelton Benjamin on Smackdown yesterday.

Natalya to ECW – The Hart Dynasty is here to stay.

Festus to Raw – This move doomed the careers of both Jesse and Festus.  Jesse hasn’t been seen on TV since the Draft (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), and Festus has been in a singing competition with Jillian…and won.  I don’t think he’s even been in a match on Raw.  Both of these guys need new gimmicks fast, because they’re going to be on the chopping block otherwise.  And they shouldn’t be.  Maybe if Jesse gets released, he can go to TNA, The Land of WWE Rejects, and succeed there.  He’d be a great X Division star there.

Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown – Quite possibly the biggest surprise of the Supplemental Draft, Ziggler’s actually getting some semblance of a push, which is nice considering I said he was circling the drain back a couple of months ago.  He’s had a short but high-profile feud with MVP, and now he’s (hopefully) just finished a rather pointless mini-feud with the Great Khali.  I really hope Creative has something in store for this guy, because he’s got the goods to make it big.  He had great chemistry with Jericho in their tag match on Superstars.  Perhaps it might be wise to invest in that potential opportunity…

The Brian Kendrick to Raw – Three words: Circling The Drain.  He’s been nothing but a joke since moving to Raw, losing multiple times to Primo and Carlito and this last Thursday losing to Goldust and Hornswoggle…blech…leaves an awful taste in my mouth.  If he doesn’t get a serious push soon, I’d bet he’s going to move to TNA or to ROH, where they love him oh so much.  Maybe he’ll re-team with Paul London (if London can stop being a weirdo, which likely won’t happen).  I don’t expect much for Kendrick any time soon, though I wish he would get something for his efforts.  A Cruiserweight title run would be nice…if there still was one.

Charlie Haas to Smackdown – Haas got a nice shot in the arm (no pun intended) when he started teaming with Shelton again, and even if there aren’t long-term plans to keep them together, maybe he’ll have a little more TV time than he’s had the past few years.  Maybe.

Gregory Helms to ECW – Well, he’s the backstage announcer now.  I wonder if he’ll ever get back into the ring.  Let’s hope so.  I’d love to see him with a championship again, if only once more.

And now, the Main Draft picks.  I’ll make these shorter because I’ve prattled on long enough.

MVP to Raw – Now is the opportunity he’s been waiting for.  He just dropped the US Title to Kofi Kingston, and if he doesn’t win it back at Extreme Rules (which I pray he doesn’t), then he’s got a hell of a chance to be Randy Orton’s next major opponent.  I pray that MVP gets the chance to take on Orton at The Bash, and not HHH, because we’ve seen how bad the HHH-Orton matches are, and an Orton-MVP match would bring a great new feel into a stale main event scene on Raw.  MVP’s got the goods to be at the top of the mountain for a long time.  Let’s hope WWE sees this as well.

Big Show to Raw – Please, just get him off TV already.  He’s worse than Mark Henry nowadays.  He put on all the weight he lost last year, and then some, and he’s no spring chicken.  He just needs to hang up the boots and retire for good.  Just be Paul Wight.

Melina to Smackdown – Likely headed for a (hopefully) big feud with Michelle McCool, which is good for her.  Both ladies are very athletic and extremely talented in the ring.  They should put on a hell of a show whenever they meet one-on-one.  Toss Gail Kim in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for pure, unadulterated AWESOME.  Let’s hope there are some triple threat matches in the future for us.

Matt Hardy to Raw – He’s played the whiny heel about as well as you can do.  Much better than Swagger’s been doing for weeks on end.  And I’m sure once his hand is healed up, he’ll be a good competitor.  I wasn’t a big fan of the heel turn, and I still am not, but if he can actually make us believe that he is who he is when the cameras are on, then I’ll accept the turn.  I wonder if we’re going to get some MVP-Hardy matches in the future, only with the roles switched.

HHH to Raw – Got kicked in the head six weeks ago, and hasn’t been seen since.  Doesn’t matter to me.  The less HHH we get, the more other people get a chance to show that they deserve a chance at the top of the heap.  He hogs the spotlight way too much, and it makes it difficult for younger guys to get their shots at glory.  I pray we don’t get another HHH-Orton match at The Bash, because I might just try to sell my ticket instead of go see that train wreck waiting to happen.

CM Punk to Smackdown – He’ll use the Money in the Bank when he’s good and ready.  Hopefully when we’ve got a face champion so Punk can turn heel.  I’d love to see that.  He doesn’t need to win any matches, because he’s got an instant push in his hands, so it doesn’t matter what happens at Extreme Rules or any other time, because Punk is going to get his push when he uses the briefcase.

The Miz to Raw – The jackass heel returns.  He’s mildly entertaining in his whole pursuit of infamy against John Cena, but when these two actually meet, there’s honestly no contest, and once Cena buries Miz, there probably won’t be anything for Miz to do.  He better soak up the spotlight while it’s still there, because I don’t imagine it staying on him for long.

Kane to Smackdown – I hope Creative finds something for him to do, because Kane is one of my all-time favorites.  Maybe he’ll resurface and go for world title gold someday.  He deserves it more than anyone in the company.

Chris Jericho to Smackdown – He’s managed to remain at a main event level despite a huge shift in surroundings.  I’d imagine he’ll stay at the top for a while, probably until his body gives out.  But that may not be for a while.  I’m starting to come around to his character.  Not so much the promos, but his in-ring work is finally beginning to look really good.  At least, to me.  I’m expecting a great match at Extreme Rules between he and Mysterio.

Vladimir Kozlov to ECW – Another pointless monster heel push for Kozlov, probably followed by some losses and another disappearing act.  Kozlov is a one-trick pony, and I hate to say it, but his time may be running out in WWE.  Too bad.  He could have been pretty great.  But it was not meant to be.  If he wins the ECW Title at any point in the future I will be surprised.

Maryse to Raw – No one cares.  Just give Mickie James the title and be gone with Maryse.

Rey Mysterio to Smackdown – Rey’s benefited tremendously from the move.  He’s been in a high-profile feud with Jericho and he’ll likely be around in the mid-to-upper-mid card for a while to come.  Unless Jericho takes his mask, in which case I’m not sure what will happen.  But Rey’s brought a breath of fresh air back to Smackdown, and he’s relentlessly entertaining and likely will be for a while to come.

Okay, I’ve got to stop for now.  I’m at nearly 3000 words, and you’ve probably stopped reading by now.  So I’ll be back tomorrow with Extreme Rules picks, and once I see the show, I’ll talk about the results.  Should be a great show.  See you then!


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