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Well, I already posted my Raw thoughts.  I’m just going to write about a few subjects I’ve learned about just today that have occurred over the past week, and I’ll give you a couple of Smackdown tidbits.

Firstly, WWE released Mr. Kennedy earlier this week.  Of course they’re not going to tell the public exactly why he was released, but it’s probably based on several factors.  First, he’s had a long history of injuries that have taken him out of action for many months at a time.  Why this happens to him is unknown, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life.  Some people are just more injury-prone than others.  It happens.  Kennedy’s barely gotten a chance to do anything since he won Money in the Bank two years ago.  There’s also some scuttlebut that he got into a “discussion” with Randy Orton about the main event on Raw where Kennedy dropped Orton very high on his shoulder during a back suplex, and Orton was paranoid about it because he broke his collarbone not terribly long ago.  There are rumors that this discussion and the botched spot were a big part of why Kennedy was “future endeavored,” as some people like to say.  I truly hope this was not the case, because if it does, it means that certain wrestlers have more pull behind the scenes than (A) other wrestlers and (B) they should.  I know that WWE is full of backstabbing and politics (probably less so now than it was 10-15 years ago), but it’s a really dick move for someone to pull rank and try to get someone fired because of one stupid blown spot.  I truly do hope that isn’t the case.  But I still don’t think Kennedy should have been released.  If WWE was worried that he was going to be an in-ring liability, then take him out of the ring and put him behind a mic.  There’s no denying he’s one of the most entertaining talkers in the company, so why not give him a job as a backstage interviewer, like Gregory Helms, or maybe, just maybe, put him at an announce table.  I’d love to hear Kennedy as the color commentator with JR or even Cole.  Now, I like Todd Grisham.  But he’s just not a strong announcer.  He’s a fine backstage guy, but his announcing is lacking.  And there’s no true color man on Smackdown.  Putting Kennedy with JR would make a world of difference, I think.  Like Matt Striker on ECW, having a younger wrestler who had tons of mic skills but just wasn’t going to be anyone big inside the ring brings a new flavor to the announce table.  Who else remembers how awesome it was listening to JBL berate Cole on a weekly basis, or how insightful and fun Mick Foley was to listen to?  Sure, they weren’t young, but they brought their decades of experience to the table and knew their stuff.  They were probably the two best color commentators WWE got rid of.  Striker’s obviously the best as of now, but why not give him a little competition?  Stick Kennedy on Smackdown, or hell, if you really want to appease the fans, put JR and Lawler back together on Raw, and put Cole and Kennedy together on Smackdown.  But you’d have to turn Kennedy heel again, because face Kennedy just wasn’t that entertaining.

My point from that giant rambling paragraph there is that WWE should have found a different purpose for Kennedy instead of just tossing him to the curb like they do with so very many of their talents.  He could have been an announcer, or (this idea just popped into my head now) make him a GM.  Replace Vickie Guerrero with Kennedy.  I’ll admit, Vickie’s GM run has been very up and down for me.  At first, I loathed her.  Then, I realized how hilarious it was that she could incite so much heat with two little words, and I enjoyed watching her being a huge bitch.  But she’s gotten very tedious and grating, and I think it’s time for a change.  Kennedy would have been a perfect GM fit.  ECW and Smackdown got new GMs in the past couple of months, so why not finish the trifecta and give Kennedy a speaking role?  He certainle couldn’t be any worse than Mike Adamle…

So that’s one WWE subject I’m disappointed with.  Here’s the second one, laced liberally with profanity.

Ric Flair was pulled from the most recent ROH TV tapings because WWE said his obligations with them were too great/important for him to be working with ROH.  Jesus Fucking Christ.  Give me a goddamned break.  Vince really needs to stop being so fucking paranoid about other companies using his wrestlers he thinks may still be able to give him a few extra dollars in his pockets.  Just let the man earn the money he wants to earn.  Let him do what he wants to do.  If he wants to work for two companies, let him!  Most indy guys work for multiple companies just to pay the bills, seeing as how they’re not earning the kind of cash that WWE guys are making.  If Flair is wanting to collect two paychecks, let him!  We all know he’s extravagant in real life, so he likes to spend money a little more than other people do.  And why stop the man from making a little extra money with a small (in relative size to Vince’s mega-company) promotion that doesn’t in the least bit threaten to take away the WWE audience?  ROH is a very different beast from WWE.  I would bet that if you took a typical WWE fan and made him watch an ROH show, he would walk away 10 minutes into it.  You won’t lose millions just because Flair wants to work for another company, Vince.  Get over yourself.

Okay, last thing: Smackdown was pretty decent, though most of my memory of it is from a day or two ago (science bless the DVR).  I just wanted to say that my favorite part of the show was the R-Truth and Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox match.  Well, the only part of it I enjoyed was watching Knox flop around as Khali chopped him down with clotheslines and a spinning kick.  It was hilarious watching a fat 290-pound guy flail around like he weighed 210.  There’s no reason he should still be employed.  Unless he shaves the hobo beard and loses 40 pounds and shows some improvement in the ring and actually TALKS for once.  Let’s hope he gets to work on that.  Let’s also hope WWE gives Ziggler a real chance to shine on Smackdown.  I’d love to see a Ziggler/Morrison match for a title.  They could very well be the future of Smackdown.  Mark my words.

Well, that’s all for now.  If I think of something else, I’ll mention it.  Also, if you aren’t tired of my opinions about the Kennedy and Flair situations, you should check out Mike Siciliano’s column on  His opinions are almost mirrored to my own in regards to those two situations.  Just look for the column Pros from the Palace, and if you enjoyed it, send him a note telling him who sent you there.


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