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Am I the only one who felt like this latest edition of Raw was a complete joke?  The entire show revolved around an idiotic “feud” dreamed up by Vince McMahon just to get some more publicity for his ailing company.  So he picks on the guys who own the team that booted him out of an arena.  It isn’t like there aren’t several hundred more arenas around the country that couldn’t/wouldn’t take Raw for the evening.  Sure, the attendance is going to be crap, but what would you expect with four or five days notice in any city?  Vince decided to blow everything out of proportion yet again over an unfortunate oversight with Denver and the Pepsi Center.  There was no way to prevent what happened with the Nuggets.  He should have cut his losses and moved the show to Colorado Springs, so the people in Denver might have still gotten a chance to see Raw.  This, of course, coming from a guy who has no idea how far Denver is from Colorado Springs.  With this latest ridiculous act, I wouldn’t be surprised to not see WWE in Denver for a while.

As for tonight’s show, it was drab and boring.  There were, what, three or four matches on the card, none of them great.  The Divas title match was pathetic, the Santino/Chavo match was nothing to write home about, the triple threat #1 Contender for the US title match was pretty damn good (though I did not like the outcome), the Goldust/Kendrick tag match was a joke (of course, that’s what all of the participants in that match have been reduced to at this point), and the 10-man tag was decent but probably the most predictable match of the last five years.  If ANYONE thought the heels were going to win, I’ll just have to take your TV watching privileges away for a while, because you truly must be an idiot.  With all the Denver-bashing that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks, there was no way in hell that the heels were going to win, especially dressed up in Denver uniforms and the Staples Center announcer doing the intros for everyone.

Two little things about that match: first, I’m wondering how an announcer got as far as he did with such a pronounced lisp (he sounded like Jack Swagger, only worse), and second, why they chose each wrestler for his basketball position.  If anything, I would have put Rhodes and Kennedy as point guards, Miz and Lawler as shooting guards, Rhodes and MVP as small forwards, Orton and Cena as power forwards, and, obviously, Show and Batista as centers.  I know, it’s a completely meaningless exercise, but that’s what this blog is all about, right?

So let’s hope the go-home Raw next week before Extreme Rules is a lot better.  I know that basically the entire card has been set up, with FIVE REMATCHES FROM JUDGMENT DAY and a travesty of a match between Santina and Vickie Guerrero for the entirely bogus “Miss Wrestlemania” title.  Can’t we just have silly Santino back and drop the insane cross-dressing gimmick?  Please?

Oh, and I know this is me marking out like crazy, but did anyone else really like seeing Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy back in the ring after such a long time off?  Sure, he didn’t do much except get the shit beat out of him by the heels, but it was oddly nice to see him back.  I’m betting/hoping either Kennedy or MVP will be challenging Orton for the WWE Title at The Bash.  Yes, that’s a prediction, both for the Extreme Rules outcome and a match at The Bash, which I will be attending in a very short period of time.  I really was hoping for Night of Champions, but I’ll settle with The Bash.  Let’s hope the card is good for the show in four weeks and change.

Let’s also hope that ECW and Smackdown are good enough to make up for the idiocy that was Raw this week.  Of course, I wouldn’t put it past WWE to just harp on the point for the rest of the week.  Let’s hope they keep the idiocy to a minimum.


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