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I don’t really feel like doing one of these, but I made a promise, so I’m going to stick by it.  I’ll do an easy one so I don’t have to think or type much.  Today’s list is the Top 8 Best Finishers.

8. Mike Knox’s Knox Out – I’m guessing this is the name of the finisher.  Say what you will about Knox (and believe me, I have), but his finisher is cool-looking.  It’s kind of a weird facebuster-type move that’s quick but looks really painful for the guy taking the bump.  Hell, it gave Jamie Noble a stinger when he took it badly.  Knox may likely be on his way out, but his finisher will live on in my memory for at least a couple of days after he’s gone.

7. Tyson Kidd’s Springboard Elbow – While this doesn’t have the impact of the Knox Out, I’m putting it above said move because it’s a truly beautiful move to watch performed.  Kidd jumps to the top rope (the middle of the rope, not the corner as most others do), leaps off it, defies gravity for what feels like much longer than he actually should, and hits the mat (and his opponent) with a resounding thud.  It’s pretty to watch, unlike some of the moves I listed in yesterday’s list.

6. MVP’s Drive-By Kick – This is the kick where he jumps off a kneeling opponent’s outstretched knee and kicks him right in the face.  It’s not the prettiest move, but it looks like it hurts like hell, and that counts for a lot in my book.  Besides, MVP should be on every “Best of” list, because he’s that damned good.

5. Umaga’s Samoan Spike – When properly taken as a bump, this move is one of the most painful and devastating-looking moves in the entire WWE.  A lot of people don’t like it because it seems so simple, I love it for the fact that it IS so simple and effective.  There were a couple of times where Umaga’s opponent would leap into the air and be driven down by the spike, and that looks doubly awesome.  But that’s supposedly not the right way to take the bump, which is probably one of the reasons Colt Cabana was released a couple of months back.  I still love the Spike.

4. CM Punk’s GTS – Again, when properly taken, this looks seriously painful.  I mean, come on!  You’re getting a knee driven straight into your jaw by you falling onto it.  If it wasn’t planned, you could kill a guy doing that.  Plus, it’s impressive because Punk is able to get some pretty big guys up on his shoulders to hit the GTS.  I’ve never seen KENTA use this, but I’d bet it looks even more painful.

3. Jimmy Wang Yang’s Moonsault – I can’t remember the last time I saw this.  I’m pretty sure it’s also one of Christopher Daniels’ moves: the BME (Best Moonsault Ever).  I’d agree with that sentiment.  It’s a shame we don’t get to see this on TV anymore what with Yang’s complete disappearance from Smackdown except for the occasional squash match against some up-and-coming monster heel.  He deserves more respect.

2. Randy Orton’s RKO – Put Orton’s move in the same category as Tyson Kidd’s elbow drop, only Orton’s able to defy gravity using only his legs.  It’s amazing how long he seems to hang there, lying flat in the air.  And when executed properly, it even looks like it hurts like hell.

And the Number 1 Finishing Move is……….

Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press!

Did you realy think I’d choose something else?  Sure, it isn’t the hardest hitting move.  I picked it for two reasons: (1) Bourne is one of my favorite current WWE wrestlers, and (2) the SSP (or the Air Bourne as the announcers have dubbed it) is the prettiest goddamn move WWE allows.  It’s truly an epic move that they shouldn’t have banned because Brock Lesnar made an ass of himself a few years back.  The smaller guys can execute it just fine, so don’t deprive us of seeing it.  I remember a couple of weeks ago seeing John Morrison doing one of these, only he dove into a crowd of other wrestlers outside the ring, and that made me giddy.  I also hearken back to Paul London’s days of doing a version of the SSP where he runs on the ring apron and jumps onto an opponent on the outside.  It’s just an awesome move and a sight to behold.

What’s kind of neat is that the show Time Warp on the Discovery Channel did a short session with some wrestlers from CZW (which is getting a surprising amount of attention these days), and one of the moves they showed off was the SSP.  At 1,000 frames per second, it was magic.  If you’ve got cable, try to catch a repeat of this week’s Time Warp, so you can watch the segment with the CZW guys.

Okay, that’s it for me.  I’ll see you tomorrow with another list, and another one after that.  But probably not another one after that.  See you tomorrow.


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