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I didn’t write about the Supplemental Draft yesterday because I didn’t feel like it.  Also, I thought Mike Siciliano wrote a great article on Wrestleview that evening that pretty well sums up most of my feelings towards the various moves made this Wednesday.  And since I just finished watching the new WWE Superstars show (I don’t get WGN America, so I had to acquire hte show through more dubious means), I figured why not write about both?  I’ll do some quick stuff about each wrestler mentioned in the Supplemental Draft, and I’ll gripe for a few minutes about Superstars.

WWE 2009 Supplemental Draft

1. Raw: Mr. Kennedy – Before I found out Todd Grisham was going to be the second announcer for Smackdown, I thought there would be a very good possibility that Kennedy would land the spot until he’s healthy.  Now I’m not sure what’s going to happen to him.  Sure, he’s a great talker, but he’s far too injury-prone to make much of an impact.  It’s unfortunate how far his stock has fallen since he won Money in the Bank two years ago.  That arm injury may very well have cost him any semblance of a main event career.  Maybe he’ll get rolling in a while, once the whole HHH/Orton debacle has cooled off.

2. Smackdown: Cryme Tyme – I’m not going to talk about each member individually, seeing as how they both moved to the same brand.  I think Shad and JTG will have some fun messing with the nonexistent tag team division on Smackdown, and maybe get a few matches with Primo and Carlito, but they probably won’t have much to do besides causing havoc outside the ring and causing general mischief after that.  Tag team wrestling seems to be on its last legs in the WWE, and they really need to fix that.  There are (or, I suppose, were) a lot of really great tag teams in the company, and Creative just chews them up and spits them out like they’re the least important thing in the world.  I feel bad for the talented tag teams, and the teams that got split up because of the draft.  Some will flourish in singles competition, some will flounder, and some will probably be released within a couple of months.

3. Smackdown: Alicia Fox – Okay…so is she no longer DJ Gabriel’s valet?  Is he still going to compete on ECW?  What’s the deal here?  While I thought their gimmick was a little silly, I liked their chemistry and they seemed to be a good team.  They had a nice mini-feud with Paul and Katie Lea Burchill.  Now they’re split?  There are a lot of questions coming out of the Supplemental Draft which don’t have answers.  I think Alicia’s had two matches, and she’s pretty good.  But we have yet to see whether or not she’ll be able to compete with some of the stronger women on Smackdown.

4. Raw: Primo and Carlito – They’re probably going to be bouncing across all three (or, I suppose, four) brands with those tag belts in tow.  I like these guys.  They’re energetic, talented, and fun to watch in the ring.  And they can sometimes even have a decent little comedy promo.  I still think MizMo should have won the Unified Tag Team Championship, but I suppose they’ll get a little more mileage out of the brothers.  At least until Legacy takes the belts away.  Which I’m proclaiming will happen.

5. Smackdown: Mike Knox – Why does htis guy still have a job?  He was doing okay back in 2006 when he didn’t look like a ridiculously out of shape hobo.  He’s just a big fat guy now.  And that’s coming from a big fat guy with a huge beard.  This guy is ugly.  He did nothing on Raw but pick on guys half his size and then lose to them.  What chance does he have of success anywhere else?  He just needs to go away.

6. ECW: Ezekiel Jackson – Um…well, I got half of that prediction right…I don’t think there’s much for Ezekiel to do as a solo wrestler.  Sure, he’s large.  But that’s all he’s got.  He’s far too green to even be considered championship material.  I don’t imagine he’ll stay on ECW for long.  He’ll either end up back in developmental or get cut soon enough.

7. Raw: The Bella Twins – Yet another situation that was never explained.  Did they suddenly go back to being best friends after the DARK MATCH at Wrestlemania 25 (I refuse to call it what the announcers call it because it sounds like they’re trying to make it more important than it really was)?  Why are they no longer involved with any of the guys they were involved with not two weeks ago?  What the fuck, Creative?  Did you forget that these sisters were at each others’ throats just the week before Wrestlemania 25?  Huh?  HUH?  Anyway, if they’re teaming up again, they’ll be fun to watch, but the womens’ division on Raw took a huge hit with the loss of Melina, and I don’t think twins will make up for her moving to Smackdown.

8. Smackdown: Candice Michelle – She’s like the female Mr. Kennedy.  Fairly talented, but far too injury-prone to make much of an impact.  I suspect she’ll be gone soon from WWE.

9. ECW: Zack Ryder – If this doesn’t mean that both Ryder and Hawkins are done for, I don’t know what will.  They won the WWE tag titles last year sometime, then promptly disappeared off of TV, only to come back for a loss to Primo and Carlito, and haven’t been seen since.  I’d suspect they’ll both be released soon.  Too bad.  They had a good thing going back when they were the Major Brothers.

10. Raw: Chavo Guerrero – He’s simply there to wheel Vickie around and get her stale coffee.  I feel so bad for Chavo.  He’s the only Guerrero left in the WWE with talent, and he’s being squandered as his aunt’s lacky.  He had great I Quit matches with Rey Mysterio a couple of years ago, and now look at him.  I don’t know how he puts up with it.

11. Smackdown: Ricky Ortiz – An interesting move.  We haven’t really seen Ricky Ortiz in recent weeks on ECW.  So here’s hoping he’ll get another shot at glory.  My gut says there’s no way he’ll get to the top, but you never know.  He’s pretty fun to watch.  Let’s hope we actually get to watch him on Smackdown.

12. Smackdown: Layla – Is she no longer William Regal’s eye candy?  What is with all these splits?  MizMo’s done, Kendrick and Jackson are done, the Bellas apparently split from Primo and Carlito, Hawkins and Ryder are done (in more than one way), Alicia Fox and DJ Gabriel are split, and now Regal and Layla are done?  What is happening here?  I doubt Layla will get far on Smackdown.  She’s a mediocre wrestler at best (judging from the last match she had some months back), so unless she’s vastly improved, she’ll probably be gone soon.

13. Raw: Hornswoggle – HUH?  Yet another team getting split up.  What the hell is Hornswoggle going to do on Raw?  Run around causing havoc backstage while Finlay falls into obscurity?  I’m hoping that this split will allow Finlay to return to being a heel, because he needs it badly.  So either they’re going to start up a midget division on Raw or Hornswoggle’s just going to run amok backstage for a few weeks and then disappear forever.

14. ECW: DH Smith – Hopefully WWE will FINALLY pull the trigger on the Hart Foundation 2.0.  With Smith, TJ Wilson…I mean…Tyson Kidd, and Nattie Neidhart together, that right there would be the most powerful faction in the WWE next to Legacy.  And I bet the Hart Foundation 2.0 would kick Legacy’s ass.  These three have the potential to relive the glory of their family and bring some real respect to ECW.  A Tag Title reign should be in the near future for Smith and Kidd, and a Women’s or Diva’s Title reign should come to Nattie soon.  Actually, she should have been the first Diva’s Champion, not Michelle McCool.  WWE really dropped the ball when they created that title and didn’t give it to Nattie.  Maybe she’ll win it soon and we’ll have a family of titleholders.  Let’s hope this actually happens this time.

15. Smackdown: John Morrison – I believe this is the second move I actually correctly prognosticated.  Might as well move Miz and Morrison as far away from each other as possible.  I hope Morrison is the first challenger to Rey Mysterio’s Intercontinental title, because those two could have some spectacular matches.  Let’s hope he gets some World Heavyweight Championship matches against whomever is holding the title at the time (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say…CM Punk, just for fun).  I’m still holding out that he’ll win a major world title within a year, and Smackdown would be the best place for him to do it.

16. ECW: Natalya – Um…wasn’t she already there as Tyson Kidd’s valet?  Seemingly this is just to set up Hart Foundation 2.0.  Maybe next week we’ll get our first taste of the new faction.

17. Raw: Festus – WHAT?  Yet another tag team broken up.  This one angers me, because Jesse and Festus were probably the best tag team outside of MizMo and the Colons over the past year or so.  They had great chemistry, a decently funny gimmick, and both guys could WORK.  Jesse, for those of you who don’t know, is actually Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy’s son, and the few times we actually got to see him wrestle, I was very impresed.  He has all the ring talent to be a great star, but WWE won’t give him a break because he’s small and doesn’t look like he’s been chiseled out of granite.  And Festus, who at one point played the Impostor Kane a couple of years ago, was just fun to watch.  He was a pure brawler, and he could brawl with the best of them.  Now he’ll probably become a jobber, or get a useless push against smaller guys like Jamie Noble, and then fade away to be repackaged.  Sigh.  Why break up so many teams this year, huh?  WHY?

18. Smackdown: Dolph Ziggler – Say goodbye to Dolph.  He never had a chance.  Which is too bad, because he reminded me a lot of Mr. Perfect.  He could have been great.  But he got lost in the shuffle and will get released soon.

19. Raw: The Brian Kendrick – This seems awfully strange.  Without Ezekiel backing him up, he’s either going to step up and show us that he really should be in the main event, or he’ll get dumped like his former partner, Paul London.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kendrick back in Ring of Honor before the year is over.  It’s harsh, but he’s also going to get lost in the shuffle, what with Raw now being the beefy “A” show and having far too many main event names all on the same show.  Oh, well.

20. Smackdown: Charlie Haas – He needs this move.  His WWE career is circling the drain, so unless he gets some kind of push, either as a regular guy or re-teaming with Shelton Benjamin, he’ll be gone before you know it.  I, for one, would absolutely love to see The World’s Greatest Tag Team reform yet again and go after the tag titles.  Give Charlie a real push for once, will ya?

21. ECW: Shane “Hurricane” Helms – Hmmm…he returns after more than a year away from the ring because of a serious neck injury, comes back with a wave of momentum and the crowd on his side, and then loses a US title match to Shelton, and suddenly he’s gone again.  WWE really doesn’t give its cruiserweights enough credit.  These guys take more risks than the big lumbering dopes who hold the titles, but they get almost none of the spoils.  Here’s hoping he gets a couple of ECW title shots, or maybe teams up with Evan Bourne for the tag titles.  Helms is one of the hardest working guys in the company, and like so many others, he can never seem to catch a break.  Here’s a thought: bring back the Cruiserweight Title, and put it on ECW!  Or have it be a traveling title, like the tag team titles.  Eh?  EH?

Okay, quick words about Superstars.  First and foremost: why does Christian/Finlay get 4 1/2 minutes and Shane McMahon/Cody Rhodes get 10?  Christian just won a very important match for the right to face Jack Swagger at Backlash and hopefully correct the mistake that Creative made when they didn’t put the ECW title on him when he first returned.  And they give a 40 year old non-wrestler 10 minutes?  Really?  You could tell the points where Cody was wasting time to let Shane catch his breath.  It happened at least three times.  I feel bad for ECW.  At least, before the draft, it was the most entertaining hour of WWE television.  Yet WWE gives it no love during Wrestlemania 25 and a 4 minute match to determine the #1 contender for its title at Backlash?  Jeez…come on, guys.  Get it together.

Undertaker looked pretty good in his match with Matt Hardy.  I’m surprised he’s back so soon after that scary bump he took at WM 25 when he jumped out of the ring and landed damn near on top of his head (apparently the cameraman was Sim Snuka, and he botched the spot pretty badly).  He’s coming back to work full-time, and Shawn Michaels is taking time off.  What does that say about the character of these two men?  It says a lot, that’s what it says.

Something just occurred to me.  One of these days, I’d like to get a few friends together who don’t watch WWE and sit them down to watch a show or two and see their reactions.  I’d like to know if they’d actually want to watch it again or if it puts them off.  Because I tolerate a lot of stupid decisions made by WWE Creative, and I’m wondering if I’m putting up with too much stupid shit every week.  So, if you know me in person, and would possibly be interested in joining this little experiment, let me know.  (Really, this is all just a ploy to try to find some people to watch wrestling with every week.  It gets so dull watching it by myself)

Well, I do believe starting next week I’m going to do a week of Top # lists, all related to the various in-ring moves performed by the men and women of the WWE.  I think I have several ideas already prepared, but I’ll need a few more in order to fill a whole week.  Until then, I’ll be watching, and I hope you’ll be reading.


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