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So I just finished watching Raw (thank you DVR!), and because I’ve got opinions about things, I’m going to discuss the WWE Draft.  But first, let me say that, this being the first 3-hour Raw I’ve watched on my TV, it was surprisingly grueling to slog through.  Part of that had to do with there being, I think, 11 matches in a three hour time slot.  Wrestlemania 25 didn’t even have that many matches, and the show was four hours!  Anyway, I’ll go through the list in chronological order, and also mark whether or not I picked said superstar.

1. MVP to Raw

I called it, and it happened.  I was a little surprised he was the very first pick, but maybe, just maybe, that means that there are big things in store for the Playmaker from Miami.  And I’m not talking about Dwayne Wade.  MVP has been stellar over the past couple of years, and putting him on the “A” show only helps raise his stock in the company.  He might not hold on to the US Title for much longer, because bigger things are in store for him.  Actually, with all of the current storylines on Raw, he may hold the US Title for another year or so before getting an opportunity at the big one.

2.  Big Show to Raw

This was the first of several times where I yelled, “Who cares!” at the TV.  No offense to the guy, but he’s one of those who might just get lost in the shuffle, as a lot of people like to say.  He’s looked pretty bad over the past few months, having put on an obvious amount of weight, and looks sluggish in the ring, resorting most of the time to headbutts, like back when he was ECW champ.  Anyone remember that?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Anyway, a big old “meh” from me.  Oh, and I of course did not pick this, so I’m 1 for 2.

3.  Melina to Smackdown

Well, it wasn’t quite Gail Kim to Raw, but I’ll take it.  Though I will be sad to see her go.  She had a great rapport with some of the other face ladies on Raw.  I’m sure she’ll do fine on Smackdown.  She’s incredibly charismatic, fantastic in the ring, and let’s not forget the greatest ring entrance in the history of time.  I hope she and Gail Kim have a very long feud, because those two can tear the house down every single night and I’d be a very happy man.  In more ways than one.  1 for 3 on draft picks.

4.  Matt Hardy to Raw

The stretcher match was the blowoff to the Hardy feud, thank god, and Matt’s been getting pushed like crazy.  Is it time for a main event push?  Creative is probably thinking yes, but I hope the answer is no.  Why?  Because he’s a very bland heel.  He’s just a typical douchebag.  There’s no real character behind the mockery.  He just likes to make fun of everyone else.  And he’s angry a lot.  Big deal.  He’ll get more exposure on Raw, but this is the wrong time to give it to him.

5.  Triple H to Raw

In the move that surprised absolutely no one, The Game moves back to his adopted home on Monday nights, probably to draw out this blown feud with Orton until Backlash.  I’ll talk about what I think is going to happen with this angle once I’m done talking about the draft.  But where does this leave Smackdown?  Wait till the end to find out.

Oh, right, at this point I’m 2 for 5.

6.  CM Punk to Smackdown

I’m taking this one as a correct pick, because I was absolutely sure of it until I saw that ad for Raw in Australia, then decided against it, then decided that WWE probably hadn’t informed their various outlets that the rosters would be changing.  I’m not surprised at all here.  Punk has been kind of stuck in the lower mid-card since losing the World Heavyweight title last year.  Sure, he’s won Tag Team gold and the IC title, but he’s really done that quietly at best.  I’m starting to sour on him, and I’m hoping that the change to Friday nights also brings about a heel turn for him.  I think he’d be extremely entertaining as a brash, arrogant, elitist straight-edge asshole, and maybe the move to Smackdown will help with the change.  3 for 6

7. The Miz to Raw

I had to close my sliding glass door before yelling so loud at this.  Miz has no business being anywhere but ECW or maybe Smackdown.  Morrison should have moved to Raw.  Morrison is infinitely more talented, charismatic, and everything else over his former tag team partner.  I’m still sticking by my claim that John Morrison will be a world title holder within a year, but WWE really fucked this one up.  I was really angry about this.  I was even angry about how the match ended.  For one, the match went on far too long, and to have Miz lose by DQ when Morrison interfered?  Lame.  What I wonder now is did Miz’s beatdown of Morrison (that sounds so wrong now that I think about it) mean that Morrison is turning face?  I surely hope they aren’t doing that, because Morrison is a natural heel.  He is, I would consider, the benchmark when it comes to being a great heel.  I truly hope he’s moved to Smackdown in the Supplemental Draft on Wednesday.

3 for 7.

8.  Kane to Smackdown

Another “meh” pick for me.  Kane’s been doing fine on Raw, and I thought that he might become the new “gatekeeper” as it were.  You know, the old veteran who ushers in the new talent and makes them look good for a couple of weeks until they’re ready to challenge other younger talent.  But I suppose he’ll be doing more on Smackdown instead.  Maybe we’ll see a Brothers of Destruction reunion, if only for one night.

9.  Chris Jericho to Smackdown

I had a strange inkling that Jericho might be moving brands this evening, but I didn’t put him in my top 10.  One more “meh” pick from yours truly.  I’ve been sour on Jericho for about a year now, shortly after his heel turn.  His heel persona seems very tepid and boring, much like Matt Hardy’s heel character.  Raw and Smackdown just traded hairstyles.  Is there a possibility of Jericho and Edge teaming up at some point?  There certainly was a lot of teasing about the possibility of it happening.  I’d be curious to see what happens if they do team up.  Other than that, I have no interest in Jericho moving anywhere.

3 for 9…

10. Vladimir Kozlov to ECW

WHO CALLED IT?  I CALLED IT!  ECW’s one and only pick was the Moscow Mauler.  I knew he needed a change after his winning streak was snapped earlier this year and he faded from the pages of Smackdown entirely.  Look for him to win gold.  Although I feel realy bad for Christian, who had a very disappointed look on his face upon discovering Kozlov was the draftee.  And it wasn’t a “Holy crap, the Russian giant just got drafted to my brand,” it was a “Damnit, now I’ll NEVER win a world title in this company again, I should have stayed with TNA” look.

Sidenote: I want to explain my feelings about Christian right now.  Back when he was in WWE the first time, I was generally okay with him, but never very impressed.  When he went solo…well, I wasn’t watching wrestling back then.  I saw a few of his matches in TNA, and I wasn’t impressed.  But somehow, he’s managed to turn into one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE.  It had nothing to do with the Internet Wrestling Community and their high praise of the guy.  He’s impressed me with his talent, his grit, his charisma (that is his nickname after all…), and his overall great workmanship.  The guy is truly a legitimate world champ, and he should have won the ECW title from Jack Swagger back when he had his one shot so he and Evan Bourne could have run the gauntlet and tore the house down at Wrestlemania 25.  But Creative fucked it up and kept the belt on the uber-green Swagger, and now the ECW title means absolutely nothing.  I hope someone takes the belt off Swagger at Backlash so it can regain a little respect in my eyes.

Anyway, now I’m 4 for 10.

11. Maryse to Raw

I’m sorry in advance.  I don’t mean to sound like a giant ass, but she doesn’t deserve a goddamned thing she’s received in WWE at all.  She didn’t deserve a roster spot, she didn’t deserve the Diva’s title (a pointless title anyway since it should have gone to Nattie Neidhart and stayed with her to this day), and she certainly didn’t deserve to be a draft pick for a match between Punk and Matt Hardy.  No.  Either she and Melina should have unified the two womens’ titles or she should have been taken to Raw in the Supplemental Draft.  Not a main pick.  Just no.

12. Rey Mysterio to Smackdown

It was inevitable.  MVP’s on Raw, so the IC title had to go somewhere else.  And since WWE gives no respect to ECW, Rey pretty well had no choice.  MVP looked genuinely happy with his move to Raw, but Rey looked just okay.  Sure, he’s going to his old stamping grounds, but what’s over there for him to do?  Not much.  Unless WWE brings Low Ki up to the main roster soon, Mysterio’s going to have nothing to do.

So my final count for picks: 5 for 12.  Not bad, but I certainly could have done better.

Did you notice a name missing from the draft picks?  Perhaps someone else with some gold around his waist?  That’s right, John Cena stayed on Raw.  What this means for the title picture is unintelligible at this point.  Is Edge going to win the title back AGAIN at Backlash, or is Cena going to retain and we have two world titles on Raw?  We’ve been in this situation before, and it isn’t all that interesting.  Let’s just keep the formula of one world title per show going, so everyone on every brand has something to shoot for.  People don’t get into the business to be the Intercontinental Champ.  They get in there to be World Champ.  Smackdown without a world title means that it really is a barren wasteland.  Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.

Now, for the Supplemental Draft.  I won’t be able to watch it, because I have a life.  Yes, it’s true.  So I’ll just pick a few people to move around and we’ll see what the results are Wednesday evening.

Firstly, I’ll take several picks from my Top 10 list a few days ago, but change a couple of them slightly.  Kofi Kingston to Smackdown, Christian to Smackdown, The Brian Kendrick to ECW, John Morrison to Smackdown, Charline Haas to ECW, Goldust to Smackdown, William Regal to ECW (god, I’d love to see him win the ECW title and destroy everyone in his path), Evan Bourne to Smackdown, and that’s it for now.  I know, I didn’t put anyone on Raw.  That’s because they’ve got enough main eventers as it is.  A funny note: to determine these picks, I went onto WWE’s website and looked at the rosters for each show.  Funny how all of the male champions haven’t moved yet, but the female champions have already moved.  And Kozlov’s moved as well.  As has MVP.  But no one else.  Strange…

Okay, quick thoughts about the whole Raw debacle for the WWE Title.  The possibility of a Batista heel turn is so obvious it’s a little painful.  The first seeds were planted tonight.  They’ll only blossom next week, and he’ll show us his true colors at Backlash.  Orton wins the title, and Batista and HHH feud over who gets Orton next, while Orton sits back and laughs his ass off.  Meanwhile, Cena loses his title to Edge and gets in the middle of the feud, leading us to either a fatal four way at some point or the supposed “dream match” between Cena and Orton or Cena and Batista at a PPV in the future.  Here’s hoping one of those matches takes place at the Great American Bash, which is going to be in Sacramento, the city I currently live in.  It was originally going to be Night of Champions, and I was so very excited for that, but WWE decided for reasons entirely unbeknownst to me to switch the two PPV’s around, so we’re getting the GAB instead.  I’m very disappointed about this, especially since the GAB was going to be in Philadelphia, the birthplace of America.  Let them have it and give us 8 title matches!  Sigh.  I’m going to try to stay positive about this, as well as the draft.  As I seem to say every week, time will tel whether or not the decisions made by Creative were good or not.  Until next time, I’ll be watching, and you’ll be reading.


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