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So I just finished watching Smackdown.  I had to…ahem…download it, because Comcast was being weird and cutting in and out frequently.  SO, with that being said, I’ll try to give a quick recap and some thoughts on what’s transpired this evening.

Firstly, the new announce team.  It looks like maybe, just maybe, they’re turning JR into a color commentator.  With Todd Grisham now at the Smackdown desk, either JR’s going to be the color man or we’re having two play-by-play men behind the desk.  I don’t mind either way.  Grisham’s a good announcer.  I just don’t know if he was the best choice.  True, there really weren’t any other obvious choices since JBL’s apparently done for the forseeable future.  But I think a true color man would have fit better.  Stick Kennedy in there while he’s healing.  That’d be an interesting team there.

Kofi/Show was entertaining, if only to showcase how ridiculously athletic Kofi is.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Kofi’s the most athletically gifted wrestler on the roster, even eclipsing Shelton Benjamin.  And Kofi’s still got tons of potential.  I think Shelton’s peaked, and it’s time for a new true athlete to step up to the plate and deliver some high-energy wrestling.  If they’d drop the silly Jamaican gimmick, maybe he’d get further.

Santino vs. Khali.  Where has Khali been the past few…weeks?  Months?  I’m not sure.  What has he got to show for it?  Red pants and a 21 second victory over Santino.  Whee.

Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool.  Another showcase for Gail Kim.  I never really watched TNA, so I never really got to see her there, and I wasn’t watching back when she was first with WWE, but she is damned impresive.  I really think they should move her to Raw so she and Melina can have some fantastic battles and bring some respect to the women’s division, which right now is nothing more than an eye-candy-fest.  I mean, I enjoy that part and all, but I really like seeing some athletically gifted ladies beating the crap out of each other every once in a while, too.

Cena on the Cutting Edge was a very good start for the build to Backlash.  We got serious Cena and emotional Edge, something we don’t always get.  I know a lot of people have said they’re sick of Cena/Edge, but I’ve watched almost their entire rivalry since it began in early 2006, and it’s still entertaining.  These guys have incredible chemistry, and watching them work together is a treat.  There’s been enough time since their last major feud that I think they can still run with this for a while.  Until they’re separated by the Draft…but more on that later.

Colons vs. Legacy was a pretty good match.  What happened to the Bella twins?  It’s as though once Primo and Carlito won the Unified Tag belts, they’re no longer relevant.  At least Brie should come back, since she was involved (on-screen) with Primo, I think.  At least have her there.  The match was pretty good, and then the completely pointless Randy Orton segment that followed Legacy’s pointless victory.  Randy: summarizing what’s happened on Raw does not count as hyping your match.  At least, that’s what I think he said.  I wasn’t paying attention.

Hardy vs. Hardy – Stretcher Match

Again, a decent TV match, but nothing spectacular.  One think I don’t quite understand is why, when these guys land on the huge pad on top of a stretcher, they act as though they’ve been put through a table.  If anything, they should have a smile on their face that they landed on something soft.  Except if you’re falling from about seven feet up.  Jeff’s Swanton Bomb onto the stretcher was a pretty sweet spot.  I’m a little surprised they’re giving Matt as much of a push as they’re giving him.  Are they going to give him a main event push shortly, or will this fizzle like so many other pushes have in the past?  I suppose only time will tell.

Okay, enough of that.  I’m doing a top 10 this week in honor of the WWE Draft this coming Monday night.  I know that trying to figure out who’s getting drafted where is an exercise in futility, but everyone else is doing it.  So I’ll toss in my picks.  I don’t think 10 are going to move in the main Draft on Raw, but if there’s a supplemental draft, maybe some of these will move.  Maybe not.  Who knows?

1. Edge to Raw – He has to be reunited with Vickie Guerrero, right?  Might as well put him back on the supposed “A” show again, right?  There have been reports that Creative wants to make Raw the big strong show and make Smackdown the sort of “kid-friendly” show.  So most of my picks are going off of that.  Edge is a main eventer and I’m betting a lot of main eventers are getting shipped off to Raw, where they’ll all fight for the WWE Title.  I say WWE Title because my next pick is…

2. HHH to Raw – He’s been on Raw more often in the past couple of months than he has been on Smackdown.  It’s only logical to move him over there so he can rightfully feud with Orton until Backlash and they can drop this feud so they can work on something that didn’t have a clusterfuck of a match at WM 25.

3. Rey Mysterio to Smackown – A move I’m thinking simply because of the supposed “kiddie” nature Smackdown’s possibly going to take.  Also, Smackdown’s ratings are in the toilet since the move to MyNetwork TV, and Creative probably wants to get all of its major stars off that sinking ship before MyNetwork goes belly-up.  And they’ll put a bunch of mid-carders there.  Which is why Rey will probably move there, with the IC Title.  Which would logically mean that…

4. MVP to Raw – you move the US champ to Raw.  Why not?  The WWE title moved to Raw.  Might as well move the US title there as well.  Besides, MVP is due for a main event run.  He put up with a six month long losing streak simply in order to turn him face.  Now, don’t get me wrong here, I love heaing hte crowd cheer for MVP, but the man is a born heel.  I’ll be doing another Top 5 list later where I put my top 5 choices for wrestlers who desparately need a face/heel turn, and he’s definitely going to be in there.  The reason I started liking him was because he was such a great heel.  Watching him get his ass kicked every week, only to pull out a victory in the end isn’t satisfying to me.  Anyway, he deserves a big push, and there’s no better place to do that than WWE’s highest-rated TV show.

5. Kofi Kingston to Smackdown – I think a couple of the matches on Smackdown tonight were potential exhibitions for some new talents moving there.  I think Kofi’s one of them.  You heard my praise for him earlier.  On Smackdown he can shine even brighter and maybe win some gold again.

6. Christian to Smackdown – This is much more of a heart-felt pick than a brain-felt pick.  Lord knows why Vince doesn’t think this man is main event material.  He is so deserving of a world title it’s disturbing.  Hopefully he gets drafted on Monday, loses in the Elimination Chase on Tuesday, and gets a fresh start on Smackdown.

7. The Brian Kendrick to ECW – This may sound like a strange pick, but I think Kendrick’s time on Smackdown is over.  After that push he got last year, being in the Championship Scramble match and actually winning a fall, he’s done nothing of note.  A restart on a very exciting show is the perfect thing to jump-start Kendrick again.  Perhaps an ECW title reign is in order…

8. Vladimir Kozlov to ECW – Ever since he lost, he’s all but disappeared from TV.  This guy had a year-long winning streak.  A lot of people in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were very harsh on him, saying he’s too green and inexperienced to receive a push like the one he did.  I disagree with those people.  I think he’s actually quite talented and athletic in the ring.  He’s got a huge moveset, which includes a lot of martial arts and some really brutal wrestling moves, and while he isn’t the best talker in the biz, he can just stare stone-faced at the crowd and elicit a reaction.  While I don’t know if he’s ever going to be deserving of a World Title, he at least should get to be the monster heel again.  Let him terrorize ECW for a while.  It’ll be fun!

9. John Morrison to Raw – the implosion of MizMo is imminent, which is a crying shame, seeing as how they’re the best tag team the WWE has seen in 10 years.  But Morrison’s bigger than a tag team.  I made a prediction that he’d be world champ inside of a year a couple of weeks ago, and Raw is the perfect place for the total package to show off his talents.  The guy really is the most overall talented wrestler in the company, so let him run with the WWE Title for a few months.

And you’ve probably seen this coming for a while, but I decided to save it for last anyway.

10. John Cena to Smackdown – Sure, he gets the biggest reactions from all crowds, but every other major titleholder is moving brands, so why not The Champ?  Excluding tonight’s promo, he is really a more child-friendly character.  He might as well be the top dog on Smackdown, because I think he’d get lost in the shuffle on Raw (I can’t believe I just said that).  He can renew some old rivalries on Smackdown and carve out a whole new niche for himself as a real main eventer again.

I was going to put CM Punk in this list, but the version of Smackdown I watched had some promos for events in Australia, and he was listed on the Raw shows, so I’m betting he’s staying.  Unless, of course, WWE didn’t inform anyone about the draft picks, which is probably the case.  He’d probably be my 11th pick.  I’d also really hope to see Gail Kim move to Raw so she can feud with Melina and I can be very happy.

Okay, that’s it for me tonight.  Who knows what I’ll be writing about next time.  Not even I know!  But I promise it’ll be a good read.

Be sure to leave any comments you might have, be they in support or in opposition to my ideas.  I’m glad to hear them.


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  1. That was a good read on wrestling for today.

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