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I think it’s high time I start up these Top 5 lists, and what better way to kick them off than by telling you who I think most deserved a spot on the card at Wrestlemania 25, but were snubbed for matches with great builds but horrible execution *COUGH*HHH*COUGH*Orton*HACK*.

1. Umaga

He just came back from injury a few weeks ago, and has once again been tearing through the Smackdown jobber locker room.  He’s one of the hardest workers and one of the most entertaining characters in the entire WWE.  So why leave the Samoan Bulldozer off the card?  He’s incredibly talented in the ring, and is one of the top heels in the entire company.  If nothing else, he would have been fun to watch in the Money in the Bank ladder match, or maybe a triple threat of some sort.  Snubbing the best Samoan wrestler in the company is a shame.  Let’s hope he gets something at Backlash.

2. Evan Bourne

Matt Sydal, Evan Bourne, whatever you prefer to call him, there’s no denying that the guy is so ridiculously over with the fans that there’s no real reason not to put him on the card.  Again, he’d be a fantastic addition to the Money in the Bank match.  With him, Kofi Kingston, and Shelton Benjamin flying around the arena, it would give crowds something to remember.  Let’s see…take Mark Henry out of the match, put Umaga in his place…and probably take out Finlay for Evan Bourne (as much as I love Finlay, I hate his face gimmick and it needs to go away soon).  If those two were in the MITB, it would be a lot more memorable than it was this year.

3. William Regal

I’ll admit, I’m putting Regal in here because he’s one of my all-time favorite wrestlers.  He’s pretty well a total package.  He’s fantastic in the ring, he’s great on the mic, and he can work a crowd into a frenzy with his arsenal of cheating.  Maybe have him in a midcard match, possibly with title implications.  It doesn’t really matter.  Any time we see the brash Englishman walk down the aisle, it’s a treat for the fans.

4. Jesse and Festus

Probably my favorite tag team withouth John Morrison being a part of it, I’m putting these two together because they’re such a cohesive unit, and both bring a lot of unique talents to the ring.  Plus, they’re damned entertaining, both on the mic and in the ring.  Jesse’s a truly talented wrestler whose experience is being squandered because (a) he’s in a tag team, and (b) right now, he’s stuck in jobber limbo with his partner, the “Corn-fed Colossus” as JR calls him, Festus.  Festus is probably one of the most entertaining guys to watch in the ring.  His character is definitely in my top 5 gimmicks to watch.  I love how angry/enthusiastic he is to beat the ever-loving shit out of everyone who gets in his way.  Both guys are a ton of fun, and seeing them relegated to being squashed by the likes of the Big Show saddens me.

5. Matt Striker

Yes, I’m putting an announcer in here.  Why?  Because besides JBL, he’s the most entertaining color analyst to come down the pike in 10-15 years, maybe more.  Not since Heenan and JBL have we had such a great announcer who mixes wrestling knowledge with general wittiness and overall intelligence.  The only person who’s even come close to JBL and Striker was Mick Foley, and we all know he’s being wasted in TNA right now.  I think the announce team at WM25 would have been a lot more fun with Striker in Michael Cole’s place.  No disrespect to Cole, but if you’re going to put together a 3-man all-star team for your biggest show of the year, put in three entertaining guys with a true passion for the business.

Interesting side note: while I’ve enjoyed Striker and Todd Grisham’s announcing team on ECW, I must say that Josh Matthews was a very welcome change this past week.  Matthews seems much more knowledgeable about what’s actually going on in the ring, as well as sounding more natural without forcing any emotion, as Grisham does on a regular basis.  If this is the new ECW announce team, I am very happy with it.

And, what the hell, I’m not tired of writing yet, so I’ll give you a couple of Honorable Mentions that didn’t make the Top 5:

Vladimir Kozlov (am I the only person on the planet who likes this guy?), Jimmy Wang Yang, Mr. Kennedy, R. Truth (can we just change him back to Ron Killings?), Cryme Time, Tommy Dreamer, Tyson Kidd, and MIZ AND MORRISON.  Fucking dropped the ball with that one, guys.

Okay, that’s it for now.  I’ll be back with maybe another Top 5 or two, and possibly a brief Smackdown recap when I get around to watching it, be it Friday night or Saturday sometime.  See you then!


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  1. That was a good read on wrestling for today.

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