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My apologies once again for not posting two weeks ago or this past weekend.  I was far busier on Sunday than I was expecting, and besides, I didn’t have a good subject to write about.  Okay, that last part isn’t entirely true.  I have a few topics stockpiled, but those are usually for emergency use only, when I have absolutely nothing else that’s come up in the past week or so, something fresh.  I prefer to use those rather than take something I might have wanted to write about a month ago but have by now forgotten most of the points I wanted to make.  Anyway, on with this week’s Rantable.  I’ll try to get back on schedule this weekend, and post another one in the middle of next week so I’m caught up for the year.

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to post about anything this week, but thanks to a local radio station, I found out about the following story posted in The Sun, a British newspaper:

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, I’ll give you the jist of it: a 13 year old boy in England got a 15 year old girl pregnant last year (technically, he was 12 at the time).  A few days ago, she gave birth to their child.  You are now up to speed.

Now, here I go.

What in the name of Edward James Olmos are these kids doing having sex?  They’re KIDS.  They should be out doing what kids, nay, what CHILDREN should be doing: running around a field, playing stickball, reading books, going to school, and other things that children do.  There is no reason that they should be having sex.  Sure, they’ll play games like doctor and whatnot, but those are usually for children younger than that.  And if you play a game like doctor or house or “you show me your wee-wee and I’ll show you mine,” (thank you, George Carlin) there’d be no reason for a boy and a girl to have sex.  Mostly because their genitals haven’t developed yet.  But I’m gting off topic again.  These are CHILDREN we are talking about.  I don’t know if they think they’re adults or what, but they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Here’s another thing that bothers me quite thoroughly.  I’m reading the article while I’m writing this, and I just came across something that would scream “Why, god, why?” to any even somewhat intelligent human: “They (the girl and her daughter) are living with Penny, Chantelle’s jobless dad Steve, 43, and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne. The family live on benefits.”  That household is entirely insufficient for any family to be living in, and they’re adding a baby to the mix?  These people have no idea what they’re doing, do they?  This smacks of another story I’m sure you’ve all heard about by now: that of Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as the Octuplet mom.  You know, the woman who just gave birth to eight babies, and she already had six, all under the age of seven?  And she doesn’t have a job and is living off government assistance IN HER PARENT’S TINY HOUSE!  I just don’t understand the mindset of these people.  They’re unemployed, living off the money that taxpayers like you and me send to the government every goddamned year, and they think that everything’s going to be just fine because the government is taking care of them.  That doesn’t work forever.  It shouldn’t work forever.  People with no money to their names should not go out having eight or nine children (or even one for that matter), because it’s just going to end up with the baby/child growing up in a household that will make it difficult for them to live a vaguely normal existence.  How are you going to explain to your friends in sixth grade that your dad was in sixth grade when he knocked up your mom?  That’s just disturbing.  Or how are you going to convince people that you live a perfectly normal existence with your thirteen other brothers and sisters, all of whom are no more than six years older than you?  I realize that there is no such thing as a truly “normal” life, but these kinds of things are just too far off the deep end to be considered even close to the realm of normal.  These are the statistical anomalies that need to be wiped away.

I know I’m far away from my original point that children shouldn’t be having sex.  Myself, now being 24 (happy birthday to me yesterday), am horrified that a 14 year old girl has had more sexual partners than myself.  She’s supposedly had around ten boys ranging from 12 to 16 have sex with her.  That frightens me thoroughly.  This kind of behavior is apalling.  But where does blame lie (because that’s all we ever do in this society is blame something on something else)?  Does it lie with the girl’s parents?  They must not have done a very good job raising her seeing as how she’s having sex at 14 and doing god knows what else.  Is it the boy’s parents’ fault?  They probably didn’t do very well with him, either, seeing as how he’s having sex at 12.  Or do we blame society, for its seemingly careless attitude towards the oversexualization of everyone?  I’m probably going to be one of the last people who thinks that censorship of any kind is important, but when you’ve got these 10 year old girls wearing thongs and wearing “Juicy” pants, there’s a serious problem.  This was (sort of) addressed in an episode of South Park I watched recently, called “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset,” in which Paris Hilton opens up a store in the South Park Mall called Stupid Spoiled Whore, and all the young girls of the town turn themselves into stupid spoiled little whores.  The episode kind of goes off on a few tangents from there, but the main point is still there.  Somehow, it became okay for young girls to turn themselves into much more overly sexual versions of themselves, imitating people who should not be famous or imitated in the first place.  People like Paris Hilton.  Who needs to get dragged under a bus and killed, or eye-socket-fucked by a biker and given cancer of the AIDS of the leukemia (thank you, Patton Oswalt).

So what am I trying to say with all this ranting and whatnot?  Well…I think I’ve said it several times already.  Children should not be having sex.  Wait till you’re in high school, at least, so your awkwardness and strange behavior can be justified because you’re a teenager.  Society is partially to blame for all of this, but at this point, there isn’t much we can do.  Except kill Paris Hilton and burn all those stupid spoiled whore clothes at all the boutiques and clothing stores.  We don’t need 13 year old children giving birth to more children.  Leave the baby-making and the sex to the adults, please.


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  1. Eh, I dunno, I don’t recall being all sweet and innocent at twelve years old. I could make decisions, at least. I suppose I’d be more inclined to blame the 14 year old, but still.

    I figure this is just a particularly bizarre instance of Dumb Ass Kid Ruins Dumb Ass Life. What irritates me more is how easy it is to qualify for government benefits that make having legions of kids a viable career alternative. I’d just leave ’em and figure if they can make the money to raise a kid at 13ish years old, the more power to them, and if they can’t, that’s a bad branch pruned off the genetic tree.

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