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I know, I said once a week, but damnit, there are things that must be said.

Microsoft, you are a giant piece of shit.  Also, any and all companies that use DRM for “protecting” their files: you are also a collective giant piece of shit and everyone who works at your companies should be strangled.  DRM needs to just go away in a big way.  It isn’t protecting anything.  People are still going to crack and pirate everything that will ever have DRM attached to it, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, so why not just get rid of it?

As far as Microsoft is concerned, I’ve known it’s full of shit for a while now, but when I apparently can’t run several programs I have used in the past and really wish I could run but can’t because they’re not supported with XP64.  I got the 64-bit edition because the guy who built my computer recommended it.  It’s supposed to be able to handle a lot more RAM or something like that.  So I can actually make good use of the giant powerbrick that is my video card.  Now I’m starting to wish I’d just used the regular 32-bit version.  I wouldn’t be able to use the video card to its fullest potential, but I’d be able to use a lot more programs.  I really do wish everything were compatible with everything else.  But, of course, if that were the case, I’d be happy, and the world would cease to function.

I’m sick of being angry.  Mini-Rantable over.  Everybody go check out this link:

She’s a good friend of mine from college, and an incredible pianist and composer and my composition and performance skills pale in comparison.  I bow down to her skill.


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